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Mythras By Pete Nash & Lawrence Whitaker
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Mythras is the acclaimed d100 roleplaying system from The Design Mechanism. Mythras is a percentile system. In Mythras your characters are defined by their culture, career, community, background,... More > comrades, skills, magic and cults. Progression is through skill advancement – not levels or similarly abstract concepts. As your characters adventure and quest, their capabilities improve and their relationships deepen and strengthen. Players and Games Masters have complete flexibility over what can be achieved, and the way characters develop is entirely dependent on choices players make, depending on their characters’ aspirations and motivations. Games Masters receive a huge amount of support through the Mythras rules. All the concepts and game mechanics are explained clearly with options and considerations explored and presented for ease of use. You need only this rulebook for many years of exciting and imaginative play.< Less
The Fenix Papers TDM111 By Pete Nash
Paperback: $38.99
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A collection of Pete Nash's Mythras articles for Fenix magazine. This diverse portfolio of fiendishness includes essays,tips, rules/play suggestions, mini-settings, and scenarios. A must have for all... More > Mythras aficionados.< Less
TDM103 Ships & Shield Walls By Pete Nash et al.
Paperback: $9.99
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This supplement for Mythras brings game rules for sea-going vessels of all kinds, and a set of semi-abstract mechanics for staging battles - unit-sized skirmishes up to the clash of armies. Mythras... More > characters can take key roles in the battle rules, acting either as commanders or risking themselves in the front line. Designed to be simple, fast paced and fun, Ships & Shield Walls is perfect for campaigns that include epic voyages and stirring shield wall clashes.< Less
Madness & Other Colours By Lawrence Whitaker
Paperback: $6.99
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Baldomeer the Vain, a famed collector of antiquities, has supposedly come into possession of a Sool Statuette. His great rival, Serjedny the Immaculate, does not believe that the Sool Statuettes... More > exist any longer, and that what Baldomeer has is a fake. He intends to expose him as a fraudster, but to do so, he needs the help of some capable people. People like the adventurers... Madness & Other Colours takes the characters into the dangerous world of an insane sorcerer and those who still worship him. They will face all manner of horror as they attempt to to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Sool Statuettes and their mysterious creator. A Mythras scenario for 4-6 competent and strong-willed characters. Includes a free PDF of the adventure. Email quoting 'Madness Lulu' in the subject line, and include your Lulu purchase receipt.< Less

Book of Quests Book of Quests By Lawrence Whitaker et al. Paperback:

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