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The Senator Dies at Dawn By Tim Parise
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When a United States Senator is shot during his morning run, Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department at first focuses its investigation on an old political rival from his home state. MPD... More > Detective Lewis, who has been placed in charge of the case, reluctantly accepts the assistance of Special Agent Colfax of the FBI, as he resents federal intrusion into what appears to be a simple murder. Then two more members of Congress die within minutes of one another, but with each killing remaining a distinct event. After a fourth high-profile victim turns up, Lewis and Colfax propose that the murders are the work of an atypical single serial killer targeting a very particular group. Given the lack of forensic evidence, the National Security Agency turns its computing power to running down a suspect who fits every facet of the behavioral profile developed by the detectives. But while the computers are thinking about it, the killer removes another member of Congress. And another. And another...< Less
Ships of the Desert By Tim Parise
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Sir Charles Grosley is a wildly successful billionaire banker who has suddenly decided to invest his fortune in mining ventures in the war-torn Central African Republic. That doesn’t explain... More > why he’s flying all over the neighboring state of Chad, holding meetings with the local sultans and disturbing the tribal balances of power. Nor does it account for his large purchases of tunneling equipment through a retired Chinese general, or for the private regiment of Sikh veterans that he’s raised to protect his holdings. And Captain Mbala, acting head of counterintelligence for the Central African Armed Forces, would very much like to know what his true motivation is. Meanwhile, in a laboratory beneath the desert, a group of engineers is at work on a spaceship that will finally deliver on the optimistic promises of the 1950s. The Space Age will be reborn and humanity will reach out to colonize the planets in a single stride. But to make the ship fly, two governments must first be destroyed.< Less
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate By Tim Parise
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The Iranian Supreme Court has sentenced two teenagers to death. Their crime? Being involved in a three-year long homosexual relationship. Every gay rights organization in the Western hemisphere... More > has cried foul - and left it at that. But Major Matthew Martin, an instructor at the Marine Corps University, disagrees with their lack of action, and he’s feeling bored at the moment. The Major pulls together a few other disenchanted Marines and activists for a little side venture of his own: staging a private invasion of Iran and stopping the execution by rescuing the prisoners. Meanwhile, across the Gulf in Bahrain, a young imam is building an underground organization of hackers whose aim is to convert popular discontent into a second Arab Spring. Reasoning from the Quran, he argues that there can be no such thing as an Islamic state, and that all existing states are nothing more than idols, a position that places his group at immediate and lethal odds with the Bahraini government.< Less
The Bettor By Tim Parise
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Berlin, 1939. An American tourist walks into the bar of the Adlon Hotel and offers, while tipsy, to bet that Germany and Russia will make common cause against Poland in the near future. The locals... More > don’t buy such an outlandish prediction and take him up on his offer. Later that evening, the news comes over the radio that Germany and the USSR have just signed a nonaggression pact. Six years later, Professor Harry Gordon is still gambling, winning a quarter of a million dollars on a long shot at Belmont Park in New York and making steady profits on the stock market as well. He also seems to have acquired more dangerous hobbies. Aided and abetted by an American draft dodger, an Australian pilot, and a former Soviet spy, the Professor works by devious routes to hammer into the public imagination the idea that there is a worse threat to the American way of life than mere Communism. And then, in the background, he quietly goes about increasing that threat by every means in his power.< Less

Totum Hominem Totum Hominem By Tim Parise Hardcover:
$31.99 $27.19
L'Affaire Famille L'Affaire Famille By Tim Parise Paperback:
$18.99 $15.19
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive By Tim Parise Hardcover:
$34.99 $29.74
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive By Tim Parise Paperback:
$18.99 $15.19

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