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It's Too Late to Leave Early: An Aerospace Fable By William Walling
eBook (PDF): $9.99
It's is lighter than air! This humorous satire of the modern U.S. aerospace industry employs plain vanilla humor to satirize the idiocies and frustrations afflicting individuals employed in a... More > business the author, a former aerospace engineer, knew all too well. You'll encounter a plethora of outrageous characters, and some entirely lacking in character—a one time porn queen who’s into blackmail; the wealthy great-grandson of a Russian aviation pioneer obsessed and fixated with re-acquiring the giant aerospace corporation he believes was “stolen” from his family; an ex-Air Force lieutenant colonel who reinvents himself as a totally inept management favorite; a wannabe Western film actor who's never been within fifty yards of a horse; an ultra-paranoid executive vice president; a nymphomaniacal lady manager, and sundry others, all embroiled in pluperfectly Quixotic business situations ranging from ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, and beyond. Enjoy!< Less
Memo to the Leader: A Friend of the Reich By William Walling
eBook (PDF): $7.95
In year 142 of the German World Empire, reckoned from 1933 when the vilified Nazi régime was born, tenured history professor and seasoned retrotemporal researcher James Silverthorne... More > reluctantly accepts the key role in a desperate conspiracy aimed at obliterating Deutschesweltanreich tyrrany in retrospect by a desperate, clandestine return to wartime Berlin in order to thwart the efforts of SS hero of heroes Erich Lustmann. Sent back to 1939 Berlin decades after the war by Odessa expatriates in Argentina, the former SS "Deathshead" officer, armed with prescient knowledge of actual wartime events, his mission to “rectify” via decidedly outré means Hitler’s meddlesome misdirection of the war culminating in erroneous, fanciful military decisions, and thereby ensure a Nazi victory in WW II. Fearing his “mission impossible” is just that, Silverthorne nevertheless doggedly pursues his world-changing crusade in an exciting time travel adventure grand in scope and world-changing in purpose.< Less
Olympus Mons By William Walling
eBook (PDF): $9.99
An obscure medical researcher develops Bevvinase, the “miracle enzyme” capable of driving carbon dioxide-oxygen conversion within the cell tissue proper, thereby opening the hostile... More > Martian environment to permanent colonization. Decades later, with Burroughs Enclave teetering on the brink of becoming a "lost colony," former intel op and alpinist Jesperson, and his partner Barnes, are among a few hundred “Marsrats” (Mars-rationalized humans) dwelling within the pressurized, roofed enclave in the shadow of the immense Olympus Mons shield volcano and its aqueduct system, the sole source of essential water. An eruption and quake cause unknown damage to the aqueduct at the time an earthly economic crisis is brewing, and absentee governance is handed over to the U.N. Organization. Struggling against vigorous opposition in Burroughs, with homeworld aid unavailable, Jesperson and Barnes lead a semi-suicidal trek to the volcano’s heights in a desperate attempt to repair the aqueduct and save the enclave.< Less
Sometimes the Dragon Wins By William Walling
eBook (ePub): $7.95
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Chin Zhonghua Renmin Gonghehuo, the Peoples Republic of China, achieves a technological triumph with its “Great Leap Upward,” the late 21st century deployment of a “space... More > elevator” rising from an equatorial mountain in Kalimantan to an enormous microgravity production satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and starward to a spacecraft inertial launch and retrieval complex. This radical, innovative system permits the importation of lunar and orbital products at negligible cost. Blackmailed into accepting a “suicide” mission to penetrate the space elevator’s closely guarded secrets and sabotage operations, U.N. intel asset Cateel becomes embroiled in the subterfuge of China's counterintelligence director, who's convinced that economic overkill might end in thermonuclear holocaust. Realizing repair and rework are mandatory, he arranges an artificial hiatus in operation so that China can“save face.” Things go awry when a Nipponese double-agent is ordered to do away with Cateel and effect totally destructive sabotage.< Less

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