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KEY 2 KID By Nothim Assange
Hardcover: $36.15
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THIS BOOK documents an individual case or experience. nothing more .. I published this .. Because I think we went in secular thought .. more than faith thought .. Yes .. life need physicist working... More > .. and materialism .. but humans as well, not only material .. We spirit in addition to the physical body .. According to my faith in the Great Creator .. I was and still extend to him the difficulties .. This was confirmed to me his generosity ..When I got a beautiful thing .. Well .. I would love to have it any humans .. WHEN the Modern medicine has not ministering MY condition, did not handle my illness .. I need special help ..! Or she wants a gift from the Great Creator .. Or HE wants a gift from the Great LORD … Without the intervention of someone ..! I've lived a case of interaction with the Lord Creator .. I lived in some days a lonely .. I felt nauseous .. But I heard a voice inside me says: That the big universe .. Note: There is an economic version (low price) in the Amazon site..< Less
Love With ِِAnxiety By Nothim Assange
eBook (ePub): $0.00
I opened my eyes with difficulty, felt a headache and I asked myself: Where am I now .. This is not Mary's room .. Who is this girl who sleeps next to me ..? It's completely naked ..! Her lips moved... More > and I heard her sleepy voice... her face retreat far from me a little bit .. I see her .. She is Sally ..! I saw her come out from under cover. I knew she was asleep with me in bed, her naked body was glued to my body. Sally absent in the corner of the room, then returned carrying the tray with cup of orange juice, sat on the edge of the bed, and put on the tray on table, then gave me the cup, and helped me to drink it. I felt the cold juicy sweet caress my dry throat. The juice effect Spread in my veins immediately, I felt renewal in my body ... and looked around, to find myself in a round strangeness room like a space-age rooms. I looked at Sally, which was still naked, without embarrassment or shame, and her golden hair hanging behind, like the tail of horse in concert with the gold of her skin.< Less
愛 そして 不安 (ナディム アサンジ) By Nothim Assange
eBook (ePub): $0.00
自分自身に言いました: あなたの神は存在している場合... More >;.. 私はあなたと私に会うために彼から必要な.. 彼の存在を証明するために... か否か ..?! 私達は私達の袋を受け取りました 我々は、メインドアを通って出て行きました.. 雰囲気が乱れました かつ迅速な風.. 断続的に雨.. 私たちは大きなバナーの近くに待っていました。 赤い巨大なプレート.. 航空会社の宣伝です.. それは大きな傘のようになり、 メアリーは彼女の友人と合意しました 彼女は、この看板の下で待機します。 分後、.... 女の子(セイ)が来ました.... 彼女は、彼女の白い車を内に達します... 私たちに敬礼... 叫んだ:、メアリーさあ.. 最後の瞬間.. メアリーは彼女の友人の車の中で階段状 私に手を振りました.. さようなら .. 車は数メートルを移動しました.. 私は空が私の頭に落ちたと感じていました.. そして、私は自分の意識を逃しました。< Less

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