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Mascot By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Effect: Show a list of five animals. A prediction is also placed in full view, with “My mascot!” written on it. The spectator has to find your mascot! For this, she has to name a number... More > from 1 to 5 (or 6 by throwing a dice). She can decide to start from the top of the list or from the bottom . It freely determines one of the animals. And of course, it is the same as your mascot in the envelope! Key points: - There is only one card in the prediction! It is not necessary to use the envelope. - Everything can be easily changed to a different issue every time. - Easy, simple, direct, short (les than 1 minute) CONTENTS - “MASCOT” - Examples of images - “TATTOO” - Idea for stage - Addendum: “The JANUS force”< Less
Surestats By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $10.00
This powerful utility will transcend a simple magic effect, or allow you to innocently bring something strange, during a normal conversation, or an act. -It seems to bring a plausible explanation to... More > people's choices. -It will provide misdirection or a logical disconnect, or another layer of deception. -It will prepare your audience for a bigger « surprise ». You can use it for your existing routines, and with many topics, as it is quite universal. It needs an easy one-time preparation you can carry with you all the time. It will then look casual and improvised, and justify a spectator's free choice. Example: A spectator is asked to name her favorite cocktail, and then, her favorite card. You now produce a « proof » that explains or partly justifies their free decisions.It can be followed with a kicker ending (in this particular example, for instance, you could produce the named card (with an invisible deck for instance).< Less
Mindcards By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $12.00
MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS (CARDS):Before re-designing your business cards, check this out! Clever business cards can become a very powerful secret weapon you will always carry with you. They can also... More > replace expensive props or effects, and allow you to create your own and personalized routines. Your business cards are a wonderful marketing tool, as well. The “system” described in this e-book, will allow you to improvise many mental effects. It can be used also as a “safety check” for your existing effects, or as a way to secretly gain some information, or force it. This “system” is also flexible, and can be modified, or adapted to your own design. Of course, you will have to print your own business cards, or have them printed. Examples of effects : * with two business cards: “YES/NO trick”with NO gimmicks, and hands-off. * With 3 business cards: “Monty Hall” * With 4 business cards: “Roads to hell” * With 5 business cards: “ESP” * With 3 or more participants: “Graphology”< Less
Cheat Hand By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $12.00
A Which hand plot where the spectator can also hide the coin in their pockets! Effect: A spectator takes one of his coins, and puts it in any hand behind his back. You won't look either. They can... More > even hide it in their back pocket, or on the chair, if they decide to cheat. You find out where is the coin (which hand, or which pocket, and also if the spectator is a liar or not). - 100% improvised and hands-off. - Very difficut to backtrack.< Less

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