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Alcohol the Great Poision By Rodney Tupweod
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After drinking Alcohol almost daily for fifty years, I for medical reasons needed to take a break from it, However I didn't expect the withdrawel symptoms,to be as severe as they were, I didn't see... More > any pink elephants, creepy crawelies, or have any other hallucinations, but the bodliy pain I experienced was frightening, From Chest,Legs,Feet, Head,Stomach, Liver Kidneys,so much so,I feared many times enought to want to call for an Ambulance, but didn't, suffered with fever, hot and cold sweats, the trembles, the first time it took weeks before I could determine that all the Pain I suffering was gone, I thought I'd come down with some sort of bad dose of the Flu, so then I went back on the drink for months< and then quit again, this time I went throught similar as before, so it was the alcohol, and I've being doing this now for the last couple of years, drinking and quiting, and suffering, for well over a week until I dry out, and back to the Bottle again, SOON< Less
Alcohol the Great Poison By Rodney Tupweod
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I began drinking alcohol from a very young age, and consumed it on a daily basis, for the best part of forty years, before deciding to give it a break for a while, I rarely suffered with hangovers or... More > got seriously drunk, I drank to socialize, and drunk in hundreds of establishments, in different countries, met hundreds of people along the way, making many friends in the process. I decided to give it all a break having been on a bit of a bender, and what I experienced was pretty frighting to say the least, I didn't suffer with hallucinations or anything like that, but the actual pain I went through was unreal< Less
Alcohol Withdrawals By Rodney Tupweod
eBook (ePub): $2.36
Just a story about my experience when abstaining, from Alcohol, for a period of time. I'd consumed Alcohol for nearly every day of my life for over forty years, some of the effects of the withdrawals... More > on my Body were frightening to say the least, pains all over my body, but the realization was that some aliments, and my continuously suffering, throughout the years, taking medication for all-sorts, were due mainly from Alcohol. I noticed marketable improvement in my health, and some of us may be treated unnecessarily, having tests etc, when just a number of weeks alone abstaining may solve many complaints, I went through many episodes, as a test, changing, the spirits, and mixers to see if any combination, caused different results.< Less
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