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Urban Legend Detectives Case 5: Seven Wonders At School Vol.3 By Kyosuke Tsumiki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
“The Seven Wonders at School demand your blood more and more. The blood of the impure who had tried to reveal the sacred secrets! It’s not over yet! It will never end!” In 1960s,... More > the Seven Wonders at School started spreading suddenly and explosively, to be established throughout Japan. Was it the act of spontaneity, or evil intention? A folklorist, who was getting to the core of the matter, was murdered two decades ago by a mysterious one wearing a white parka. Then, what is the shocking truth of “Urban Legend Serial Murder Case”, which is implicating the Seven Wonders at School today? The clues converge into the singularity like magic, and bring the horrible phenomena to light. This is the final chapter of the longest volume from the “Urban Legend Detectives” series, which reminds us of the excitement in the once-existing golden age of classical mystery fictions. It is the new masterpiece of Mr. Kyosuke Tsumiki, the King of Urban Legends. Here comes the revelation of all the hidden truths!< Less
Urban Legend Detectives Case 5: Seven Wonders At School Vol.2 (Jp) By Kyosuke Tsumiki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
This book is the Japanese version of “Urban Legend Detectives Case 5: Seven Wonders at School Vol.2”. The story is exactly the same, but the text in this book is written in Japanese for... More > the people who need the Japanese version. So if you want to read this work and its details in English, please check the English version of “Urban Legend Detectives Case 5: Seven Wonders at School Vol.2”. Also, this work was exclusively written as one of the made-in-Japan content belonging to The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less
Urban Legend Detectives Case 5: Seven Wonders At School Vol.2 By Kyosuke Tsumiki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
“Jason No. 28, Camellia, Mad Gasser, Hanako, and Inugami. Although I have warned you that much, you have made the stupid choice. You have started the curse of the Seven Wonders at School. There... More > is no one who can stop it now. You are going to have to atone for your sins that you have committed.” Is the eerie comment posted on the Internet bulletin board a death threat? The urban legend fanatics are killed one after another, and their dead bodies are arranged to resemble the “Seven Wonders at School” ... Behind the scene of this new phase of the “Urban Legend Serial Murders”, the shadow of the “Friend of a Friend”, whose malice awakened during the detestable incident in Samejima Island, is lurking. Is one of the two survivors of the serial murders the culprit? This is the second installment of the three volumes of “Seven Wonders at School”. The story is now about to reach the climax!< Less
Urban Legend Detectives Case 5: Seven Wonders At School Vol.1 By Kyosuke Tsumiki
eBook (ePub): $2.00
“What is happening this time? Murders again?!” “Hey, do you know ‘the Seven Wonders at School’?” The members of an urban legend-related website, titled... More > “Strange Tales in the 21st Century”, come to know each other, and meet at an offline gathering. While they are talking about “the Seven Wonders at School”, an eerie letter is sent to them. “Do not approach the Seven Wonders at School, no matter what. If someone learns of the secret, the one would suffer from a misfortune. Oh, blood! Blood! Blood! I can see blood. I can see the warm, vivid blood of the stupid who did not obey this warning. Let me repeat. Do not approach the Seven Wonders at School!” Is this signaling the new beginning of the “Urban Legend Serial Murder Case”, the targets of which now include the members of the gathering?! The secrets of the past cases intertwine, and the surprising truths are revealed, one after another. Here is the first half of the longest episode of the “Urban Legend Detectives” series!< Less

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