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Fallen Angels [Book One of the Fallen Angels Trilogy] By Terence West
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Jake Silver is an ex-FBI agent who just wants to settle into the quiet life of being a private investigator in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Christina Anderson, the daughter of Jake’s newest clients, Mr.... More > and Mrs. Jonathan Anderson, is an average high school student who appears to have been abducted and raped. Wanting to cut through the red tape of an official investigation, the Andersons have come to Jake to find out who did this to their daughter. "Fallen Angels" is a fast paced thriller that delves deeply into the UFO and Area 51 Mythologies. With LARGE PRINT for low eye stress and easy reading.< Less
Caitlin By Terence West
eBook (PDF): $7.75
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Thirty years ago, Zachary Cane was held prisoner and tortured by an ancient vampire known as Caitlin. With the help of a local coven of witches, and a vampire hunting order called the Gwyliad... More > Wriaeth, they destroyed Caitlin. Or so Cane thought... Now, with the help of three fledgling vampires, Caitlin is ready to extract her revenge... one drop of blood at a time. On an adventure that spans from Washington D.C., to Cairo, and beyond, the Office of Paranormal Research must team with a legendary group of vampire hunters to save their missing teammate! Caitlin is the third novel "From the Files of OPR" and will change the lives of Team OPR forever. With LARGE PRINT for low eye stress and easy reading.< Less
Darkness - The Wraith Chronicles - Book One By Terence West
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The ancient vampire hunting order known as the Gwyliad Wriaeth has a dark secret. It’s enwined so deeply in the order that very few know about it, but it threatens to unravel everything they... More > stand for. We are those who are to blame. As each new student graduates from training they must take part in a ritual steeped in shadows and mysticism that has become the source of the Wraith’s strength, speed, and longevity. Emily St. Louise--Saint to her her friends--is ready. As the ritual begins, something goes terribly, terribly wrong.Saint becomes something more than human, more than vampire, more than Wraith. Now Saint will shake the foundation of the Gwyliad Wraith on her search for truth. Buried somewhere in the academy’s walls are answers... But to gain the truth, she must first loose everything.< Less
At the End of All Things By Terence West
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Beneath the shimmering veneer of the human world, there is a war raging. Fought between Vampires and Wraith, it has stretched over untold millennia. But the balance of power has shifted, and the... More > Wraith now find themselves, and humanity, facing extinction. The Wraith have a prophecy that states "A Saint’s blood will create a new race." Many believe that this has come to pass, but everything, including the prophecy, lies in shadows, and nothing is as it seems. The fate of the entire world rests on the unborn child of two preternatural creatures. Conceived of a Vampire and a Wraith, the child should not be… but everyone wants it. It falls to Wraith Emily St. Louise to protect the child from the world, but will its birth bring salvation, or damnation? At The End of All Things is book three of the Wraith Chronicles, and the culmination of the Prophecy story arc that began in Darkness.< Less