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Mirth on Earth (a musical comedy) By William Rubel
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Mirth on Earth is a two-act musical comedy by Seattle playwright William Rubel. A disrobed monk, a hedonistic artist, and a part-time model with a dead-end job converge in an outrageous outburst of... More > insight and melody. Sylvan is a young monk who, after discussing his doubts with his teacher, Father Gregor, decides to disrobe and visit his older brother, Peregrine (Perry), a hedonistic painter who lives in a cabin in the woods. When Perry's younger brother shows up out of the blue, he invites Aveline, the model-friend who poses for him, for a bottle of wine. Together, they pour the purple grape and sip it void, plumbing the depths of religion, art, romance, and the human heart.< Less
Adventures of Peyo and Lily By William Rubel
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Frolic is a rat of Zham who has trouble keeping his feet on the ground. When his wife Allis, a Yhampa from across the O-Po-Po Ice Ranges, gives birth to pinks, Frolic insists the family sleep... More > outdoors, so that his young ones, Peyo and Lily, will remember the teaching of the Old Myth: that rats are stars spelled backwards. Soon enough, Frolic’s stargazing leads to a dubious discovery: a rat-shaped constellation! Guided by an obliging Peregrine falcon, Frolic sets off for the constellation, has a bit of a fall, and comes home believing he is made of light. Now it is up to Allis to take him in search of the mysterious wood-rat, the Ra-Tul who lives deep in the forest under the ancient Figus Bean Tree. While their parents set off on their quest, Peyo and Lily go on some adventures of their own, guided by the crafty raccoon Madrona Moon-Bangle, the Night Bandit. In the end, it is up to Frolic's loving family to lead him back to the center of the spiral, at the heart of their spiral village.< Less
Uroboros By William Rubel
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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In the tradition of Hayao Miyazaki, Uroboros is the epic tail of six young rats of the Land of U in the Time-When-the-Dragon-Open-Its-Eyes. For the denizens of U, the Old Myth has become just... More > another old tail. They have forgotten Creatura, the billion-world-galaxy mother, who invited them into Time, where all things are 'back-words', and they who were called 'star' became... 'rats.' In the Spring of the Year of the Big Blue Fish, two separate journeys begin. Peyo of Yham sets out with his friends Yao and Genji on a bark canoe down the River Fluvinus to find TuTu, the Ra-Tul of Glomber Woods. At the same time, Chloe of Zham sets out with her siblings and geriatric mentor, Dolma, for the dangerous passage across the O-po-po Ice Plains. The adventure turns out to be much bigger than they imagined, changing the lives of all the rats of U, who are about to realize that they live in the time of Myth... and that the world is the Myth... and the Myth is alive!< Less
To Create A Little Flower Is The Labour Of Ages, Or, The Aphorist, The Nihilist & The Word Anarchist Of The City Of Gustave By William Rubel
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Brief, absurdist, elliptical, exaggerated – interspersed with fragments of the world’s greatest sonnets – Gustave revisits, fictively and fantastically, Europe before modernism, the... More > theory of relativity, and the World Wars. Gustave M. a tragic artist-philosopher in the tradition of Hegel and Blake, has shut himself away in his flat, devastated by the infidelity and suicide of his fiancée, Princess Rachel Blanbekin IX, a highstrung heiress blackmailed by Gustave’s friend, the medical student, Lars. After twenty years, Rachel’s daughter Sophia (released from a nunnery into ownership of her estate, Toursenreve) has commissioned Lars to steal from Gustave the aphorisms that, rumor has it, he has written in the mother-of-pearl diary that belonged to her as a little girl. The theft of the diary rouses Gustave into a burlesque world of anarchy, crime, and nihilism that (paper-thin) is all too transparent to the transcendent.< Less

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