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Romans By Gerald Woodruff
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The Book of Romans is often disputed for its theology. It has the elements of salvation, predestination, election, foreknowledge, and calling. Each chapter has a flavor of its own and a... More > distinctiveness of which Paul combines as a narrative of the condition of man. It is what God sees. We must understand the downward spiral of sin. Once man rejects God then there is a turn from faith to the flesh and all that this implies. We cannot allow this to happen to ourselves in that we must always have faith. This will keep us from the flesh and its appetites. By the time we get to Romans 3 we note that there is none seeking after God and we note the consequence of sin in Romans 6. Romans 7 speaks to our inability and Romans 8 speaks to our justification and righteousness. We have the relationship now as sons and are led by the Holy Spirit in this. There is salvation in Romans 10 and dedication in Romans 11 and our responsibility in society in Chapter 13. I have left chapters out in this.< Less
Leviticus By Gerald Woodruff
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This book is what I call an Opinionary. This is a word I use to describe what happens here. You have my opinion on the verses that are given and are a result of my study under what I consider the... More > direction of the Holy Spirit. Leviticus is the heart of the law and points to what Israel needs to do to be a Holy Nation before God. The law should always point us to Christ. We today live under grace and this is an entirely different aspect. The problem today is that people pick and choose what laws to life under and reject the underlying message which is of course Christ. Leviticus also details the ceremonial law and is a guide to what they were supposed to do as a theocratic nation.< Less
A Walk of Perfection By Gerald Woodruff
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There are many works that portray the life of Jesus Christ. The author of this book joins the ranks. The work talks of the life of Christ from eternity past, His incarnation, His resurrection, His... More > Ascension, His current ministry, and through prophecy to the future. It is mentionable that the incarnation is dealt with as a harmony of the Gospel accounts.< Less
Exodus By Gerald Woodruff
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This is a book that describes the leaving of the Children of Israel from the Promised Land. It was all of God and He introduces Himself to Moses, Pharaoh, and finally the nation. His identification... More > is central to this book. It is even central today. God has revealed Himself and here with power. It is a story of redemption and resettling. It is a journey to be where God wants them to be. Moses is God's man for God's people. They go from bonded, wandering, to warrior in this journey.< Less

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