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Junior Earplug Adventures: Time Shard Museum By Tooty Nolan
eBook (ePub): $0.00
In this, the 29th photo-novel, former nun - Buttox Barkingwell - is inspired to bring the version of the Museum of Future Technology (that she had discovered previously beneath the ice upon a... More > mountain side far, far away) back to life; and in doing so rival the original museum. This is bad news for the cash-strapped museum curators: they can't afford to lose any more customers. Action to protect their charge and the livelihoods of its inhabitants must be taken. And, golly, when time is of the essence; what action it is!< Less
Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers By Tooty Nolan
eBook (ePub): $2.83
When the Museum of Future Technology runs short of funds, its curators hold a lottery.The prize? A trip across the galaxy aboard the K T Woo, that's what. And oh what a trip it was.
Junior Earplug Adventures: Mutant Island By Tooty Nolan
eBook (ePub): $2.66
(1 Ratings)
WARNING: Although this tale is suitable for children, it does contain some blatant wind breaking and other bodily functions too disgusting to mention here. In this, the 28th Junior Earplug Adventure,... More > we find that the heroic Magnuss Earplug is mentally exhausted by his many brushes with disaster and has become risk-averse. At the same time people begin to disappear from the mountain top citidel of Lemon Stone. Is this the opportunity for Magnuss to get his mojo back? With his girlfriend, Hair-Trigger Provost, to help him, Magnuss accidentally stumbles upon the mystery of Mutant Island. And for Magnuss there is only one way to meet danger and adversity: that is head on!< Less
Junior Earplug Adventures: The Missing By Tooty Nolan
eBook (ePub): $1.33
(1 Ratings)
In this, the 27th photo-novel, we join Magnuss Earplug as he attempts to return Benjamin Booger (remember him?) to his correct quantum reality. But in doing so, Magnuss discovers that the alternative... More > Museum of Future Technology has been de-populated, and duly sets out to solve the mystery. Naturally danger lurks at every turn. He can't call out. And the toilets are locked too!< Less

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