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Neapolis Smart Ecocity By Azamat Abdoullaev
eBook (PDF): $999.00
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Guidelines how to build new city ab novo. Original report on a smart green city advanced by the European Commission as a model for all European cities and communities. Readership:... More > • Governments, municipalities, utilities, industries, academic and research institutions • Ministers, Government Officials, Mayors • Municipal & Government Departments & Policy-Makers • Regulatory & Standards Authorities • Procurement Directors • Engineers & Technologists • Architects & Designers • Urban Planners & Project Advisers • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Green Building Consultants • System Integrators & Smart Cities Solution Providers • Academics and Researchers • Tech Experts and Innovators • Engineers & Developers & Contractors • Health, Safety & Risk Managers • Building Owners & Facility Managers • Investors & Cost Consultants • Sustainability advisors and future community and smart city consultants< Less
Wise Encyclopedia for Minds and Machines By Azamat Abdoullaev
eBook (ePub): $999.99
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It is the 4th book of monographic series of Science & Technology of the 21st century committed to Smart Encyclopedia, Global Knowledge Base and Encyclopedic AI. The book designed as Mobile Pocket... More > Encyclopedia for Smart Readers, to be programmed for Wise World Wide Web X.0 and Knowledge Machinery. The World Reference gives the basics which any minds, natural or artificial, MUST learn to become wise, smart and intelligent. It is a necessary complement to USECS, Universal Standard Entity Classification System, the first classified global encyclopedia created for minds and machines.< Less
Disrupting Modern Science, Technology and Engineering By Azamat Abdoullaev
eBook (ePub): $999.99
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The World is modeled as consisting of 4 major parts, the universe of Nature (World I), the domain of Mind (World II), the domain of Society and Human Culture (World III), and the realm of Technology... More > and Engineering and Industry (World IV). Science and technology, the arts and philosophy are unified as a web of intellectual learning, scientific knowledge, and engineering sciences. A union of human knowledge defined as the “wisdom science” (or scientific wisdom). It is affording a common conceptual framework for the most life-critical innovations and breakthroughs, from the Internet of Everything to Theory of Everything, Emerging Technologies to Intelligent Cities and Connected Smart World.< Less
Science and Technology 21, New Physica By Azamat Abdoullaev
eBook (ePub): $999.00
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Physics and Technology of tomorrow are presented as Physics X.0 and Technology X.0. New Physics is described as a Unified Physical Science. It is covering the unity of all forces of nature, universal... More > reversibility of physical entities and processes and new theory of everything. Most Nobel level discoveries have been done in chancy ways, while the New Physics is innovating a rational development strategy. The key emerging technologies which are to disrupt our current world are listed.< Less

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