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Parallels in Revelation: Chapters 1 to 12 By Dennis Herman
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Compare Revelation to the other books John has written. John's Gospel told us about how the Holy Spirit worked behind the scenes in Jesus’ ministry on earth. John’s letters talk about... More > Jesus’ love and concern for this planet. Revelation is no different. It is a combination of Jesus’ love and the Holy Spirit working in your ministry. When your ministry in this world parallels Jesus’ ministry in Heaven, you will know it. You will feel it. You will know Jesus’ true witnesses in a heartbeat. All the doubts and confusion about Revelation will disappear. You will hear God's voice and feel His seal upon you.< Less
Bible Study: For Real for Eternity By Dennis Herman
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Why study the Bible? I hear a number of people ask that question. Why should you learn how to study the Bible? I’ve also met a number of new Christians who asked me how they should study the... More > Bible. How did I achieve my level of study in the scriptures? I learned a few basic study methods, and you know what, I saw how the Bible is designed to be a self teaching set of books. People who read a lot of the Bible know that. Some are even able to explain exactly how the Bible is able to teach people how to read and understand everything in the Bible. Or at least what they are ready to learn, what Jesus is ready to teach, and what God is ready to reveal. And one more thing. Opening the Bible without the Spirit along side of you to guide you will never do anyone any good. You need the Spirit to begin, progress to the next level, and give you what you need when you need it.< Less
The Judgment Process By Dennis Herman
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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It is pretty common knowledge throughout the Christian community that everyone has broken the law in one way or another. Most of Christianity agrees that, everyone is guilty under the law, and we... More > need Jesus’ sacrifice to set us free from the law. In some cases that means, we need Jesus to avoid that judgment process. Other Christians believe we all face some type of judgment and we need Jesus to stand in our place. That is pretty much splitting hairs. We may be spending too much time nit picking a process we really don't understand. A process many people are afraid to investigate. The judgment process we would just as soon place on the back burner, or put in a closet and forget about it. But here, we will look at a few key statements to see what scripture reveals. Then one day we may know enough about that judgment process to tell the world about how and why God needs that judgment process in His plan of salvation.< Less
Romans: I Want to Live By Dennis Herman
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Paul did one thing I wish we saw more of today. Paul pointed to Christ as his one and only source of information. Paul didn’t take any credit for figuring things out on his own, thinking up... More > offices, doctrines, or appointing people to positions. Paul didn’t play any of those games we see played in churches these days. Paul took marching orders from Jesus. Paul recorded what Jesus told him to record. Paul didn’t add, subtract, or substitute a single word. Then why is that style of study absent in modern Christianity? Don’t people like Paul’s letters, or don’t they agree with certain parts of Paul’s letters? Then there are other parts preachers insist Paul was not clear on, or didn’t go far enough to explain the subject. In a nutshell, some people don’t study the Bible beyond looking for what pleases them. Those people become distractions and hinder the work. Isaiah hit the nail on the head when he said God’s people will not go out in haste. Paul wanted to be an example of that.< Less

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