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Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals By Julian C. Arhire
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This Is Not A Fad Diet That Doesn’t Work, It Isn't "Dreamers" Diet Plan. These ARE The Real Steps For Successful Weight Loss. The eBook "Achieving YOUR Weight Loss Goals"... More > has a lot of valuable information in it pertaining to weight loss, and if you are in the need to lose weight, you should start your weight loss journey by getting a copy of this ebook. It can help you to know why you have gained weight in the first place, and who to talk to so you can set up a weight loss regimen that is the right fit for you. This is very important so that you get the right results and do not harm yourself. This book will enlighten the reader on the correct course of action to lose weight, provide a nutritious regime to the body, and maintain the body the person desires. You will be educated on what is out on the market that is actually dangerous for your health. You will know exactly how to eat, and how to workout to achieve the healthy and slim body you deserve. You won't be disappointed.< Less
Enneagram Essentials - Explore the Power of Enneagrams to Discover Your True Nature By Julian C. Arhire
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The enneagram is one of the most powerful tools in self discovery and personal development. The results from the enneagram is extremely accurate and tells the strengths, weaknesses, core... More > motivations, moods, mannerisms and basically much about the person once his true type is discovered. The Enneagram personality typology has been used by industrial/organizational consultants as a professional development tool to enhance sales and productivity of individuals. In depth study of the enneagram reveals profound self discovery and is really useful when it comes to handling businesses, conflict and many aspects of a relationship. With this guide, you'll be exposed to the ways smart people harness their true potential.< Less
How to Become a Successful Public Speaker By Julian C. Arhire
eBook (PDF): $3.99
How to Become a Successful Public Speaker. Designed to appeal to all speakers, no matter how experienced. Imagine having everything you need to achieve an entirely new level of public speaking... More > ability. It is inside of you, even if you believe it is impossible. The only requirements are that you have a sincere desire to learn and grow and a willingness to apply the principles in this book. Public speaking and presentation victory can become your reality. You are meant to have the true level of success you desire and deserve. In this book you will discover what works and doesn’t work. This book is filled with real public speaking tools and strategies that will change your ability to present forever. Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your current public speaking abilities, this book is for you. Reading this book is like having your own public speaking expert and trainer in your corner. Now is the time to achieve your public speaking and presentation goals.< Less
Healthy Weight Loss With Paleo Diet By Julian C. Arhire
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Healthy Weight Loss with Paleo Diet + Paleo Recipes + Bonus. This e-book will help you correct the main weight causing factor. Diet itself! You are about to discover how you are going to... More > experience healthy weight loss: - The single most powerful secret for weight loss – thanks to my close collaboration with top weight experts, and researchers - The truth about how many calories you really need per day, per week, for fat loss - The social and medical aspects of being overweight – How being fat is sucking the life out of you - How you can effectively use Paleo diet to stay slim forever - How starving affects the body and how to eat healthy - Learn the art of manifesting energies for enhanced productivity when you are fit and feel energetic - Formulate a diet plan that will help you with weight loss - How to stay extremely healthy even under stress at all times. - Reclaim your life and the respect of others - Keep your heart healthy and young - Never worry about counting calories< Less

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