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Unaccompanied Children: From Migration to Integration By Ibrahim Sirkeci et al.
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The statistics show that children move in great numbers, and many do so alone. While some of the reasons motivate them to move alone are similar to adults but some are specific to children, such as... More > forced child marriages. Similar to adult companions, they suffer and react to ‘democratic deficit’ and ‘developmental (economic) deficit’ and yet they may become more vulnerable in their flight. Reaching their destination often does not mean they are then less vulnerable either. They are faced with specific challenges of integration on economic, social, and cultural dimensions and in many cases also face burdens of the reunification of their family. Yet, there is little attention paid to unaccompanied minors in the literature on ‘forced’ migration. This was an important reason to initiate this book. This book largely focuses on unaccompanied minors who arrived in a European country in 2015, with special attention paid to the top-three nationalities of unaccompanied minors, namely Syrian, Afghan and Eritrean minors.< Less
Modelando el Transnacionalismo By Jeffrey H. Cohen & Paulette K. Schuster
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El término transnacionalismo se desarrolló en la década de los 1990 cuando los investigadores académicos respondieron al crecimiento migratorio global y definieron las... More > formas en que los migrantes organizaban sus vidas en sus lugares de origen y destino. Basándose en el trabajo pionero de Nina Glick-Schiller, Linda Basch y Christina Blanc-Szanton, Michael Kearney y otros, los investigadores académicos indagaron más allá de la geografía y la economía de la migración para considerar una variedad de flujos migratorios, así como cuestiones de género, pertenencia, clase y raza. Continuando con esta tradición, los autores incluidos en este volumen revisan y reinterpretan el transnacionalismo para una nueva generación de investigadores y los retos que las migraciones contemporáneas conllevan.< Less
Reader in Qualitative Methods in Migration Research By Ibrahim Sirkeci et al.
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This edited collection published in Migration Letters were selected to reflect on methodological challenges faced by researchers and students when conducting qualitative studies on migration.... More > Beginning with papers focusing on broader discussions of methodological issues and some options available to researchers, the latter half of the book explores the narrative methodology in depth with references to several cases. The chapters included in this book was originally published in regular issues and two special issues of Migration Letters journal from 2009 onwards. We have regrouped and ordered these studies to enhance the flow and transition in the book. The first six chapters look into more general issues and debates in migration research methodologies, while chapters seven to ten offer cases studies on alternative qualitative methodologies and then the final six chapters focus on narratives and challenges of the narrative methodology applied in migration studies.< Less
Turkey's Syrians: Today and Tomorrow By Ibrahim Sirkeci et al.
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Turkey’s Syrians: Today and Tomorrow, edited by Deniz Eroğlu Utku, K. Onur Unutulmaz, Ibrahim Sirkeci is published by Transnational Press London. The book presents a selection of papers... More > drawing on recent research on Syrian refugees in Turkey. Since the first arrival of Syrian refugees, the issue has sparked considerable national and international interest. Political discourses concentrated on state ‘generosities’ to provide protection to those coming from insecurities and possibilities to reduce ‘burden of refugees’ to receiving countries via international solidarity. While these concerns focus on effects of hosting refugees, what happens to refugees themselves, how they are affected by government policies and how they are perceived by host country people are questions yet to be answered. This book brings together a multidisciplinary set of contributions scrutinising the case of Syrian refugees in Turkey.< Less

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