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My Calendar By Richard H. Nilsen
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The new 2020 Caroga calendar from Richard H. Nilsen is the second annual. It focuses upon life and nature in the Upstate New York Adirondack region and features area photographs by Mr. Nilsen
Son of Nils By Richard H. Nilsen
Paperback: $14.95
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All of life was simple to my father. You worked hard. You told the truth. You stayed faithful to your mate, family and business. You rested at times, and played and picnicked when appropriate, but... More > never to excess. When bad things happened, you endured and persevered. No miraculous promises of being saved by the bell, Angels or rich uncles were on the horizon. But in between all this common sense stoicism and simple view of life, a philosophy emerged with more nuances than perhaps even he envisioned. It was a “do the right thing and right things will prevail” life-view over all, but with laughter, surprises, friendships and love found along the way. At least that’s how it seemed to me. And since his first name was Nils, I was, literally, the son of....< Less
An Old-Fashioned Drowning: A Hal Johnson Adirondack Mystery By Richard H. Nilsen
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The past few years, dozens of intrepid folks (ambulatory but with what I suspect are less than healthy mental faculties) rush into the water in the channel between East and West Caroga Lakes for... More > “the Polar Plunge” on Jan. 1. They do this intentionally and with malice of forethought. I witness this event each year. Each year, even though I have Nordic genes and have been accused of preferring a roll in the snow to lying on a hot beach, I still marvel at the people voluntarily rushing into the ice water with screams of supposed delight and happiness. This particular year, the crazy ice water event connected to something sinister, and that’s where it got sad, but interesting. Just the kind of thing they’d call me in on… and that’s what they did.< Less
Short Rounds: An Eclectic Collection of Stories, Poems and a Short Memoir By Richard H. Nilsen
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Since Five Easy Pieces was already taken as a title, I guess Short Rounds will have to do. Also, it seems appropriate that, as of this writing, I have five published books in print. These five short... More > stories can serve as a complementary addendum to those five books. I also include a short “spiritual memoir” titled Faith Came Easy and two previously unpublished poems. I will try to let the short fiction speak for itself, but I should add that it is as eclectic as I can make it. There is mystery, science fiction, scene portraiture and even an attempt at horror. So here goes. Some quick reads and, I hope, interesting pieces. They pretty much all stand alone, except possibly “Inside Out,” which utilizes the main character from my Adirondack Mystery series, Hallum Johnson. The other stories are all orphans in character and the fact that this is the first time they have seen the light of day in publication.< Less

Caroga: Four Seasons Caroga: Four Seasons By Richard H. Nilsen Paperback:
$49.95 $47.45
A Garden Voyage A Garden Voyage By Richard H. Nilsen Paperback:
$29.95 $28.45
Brush Arbor Brush Arbor By Richard H. Nilsen Paperback:
$19.95 $18.95
Trying to Help People Trying to Help People By Richard H. Nilsen Paperback:
$19.95 $18.95

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