The Apocalypse Gate By STUART HAYWOOD
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Mellissa Carlisle is soon to be Custos. But will there be a world for her to protect? Actions in the middle, and far east result in a catastrophic event which obliterates Mecca. The world... More > destabilizes rapidly as the destruction triggers a fleet of huge mother ships which have been dormant for millions of years. The Apocalypse Gate Protocol is initiated,and the ships begin to systematically extinguish humankind. Mellissa Carlisle, and an old friend are mankind's only hope of survival. The abort code is lost, and the supercomputer is preventing them from stopping the cleansing of the planet. It comes down to one of them making the ultimate sacrifice. One way or another, this will be Mellissa's final mission,< Less
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Members of the High Council are being brutally murdered. Not all Messorem assassins have been apprehended. Messorem Twelve is on a mission to find his brother and release him. Detective Inspector... More > Mellissa Carlisle is called upon once again to track down this Reaper and prevent him from destabilising the world's status quo. But he is always one step ahead of their every move. The chase involving Special Forces from several nations takes them across the globe, from Poland to Thailand to Italy. Messorem Twelve also employs the services of a Russian assssin who has over one hundred kills to his name. The English Detective is now the target of both.< Less
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A series of disappearances baffle police. Detective Sergeant Mellissa Carlisle and her partner D.C. James Tyler are assigned to the case. They tirelessly search for clues, but every lead seems to be... More > a dead end. Mel finally confides in a close friend, Bob Davidson. He has a sixth sense which brings back terrible memories of that day in Twyford zoo. Strange deaths attributed to animals confirm his fears, and soon he is embroiled in the hunt for the tiger. The situation is discussed at the very top level, and the Home Secretary , together with MI5 decide to grant Bob a free rein. He assembles a force consisting of Police, Special forces, a contingent of three Para, and eventually a force of the US Marine Corps. Together they track the tiger to a secret government installation in the North of England. Held within that installation could be the means with which to extinguish human life. This time, Bob is determined to end the beast’s reign of terror permanently.< Less
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Bob Davidson, an ex special forces soldier who thought that when he left the army, his life would be more tranquil. As head keeper of a zoo in the English countryside, he was responsible for the... More > staff and the welfare of the animals. The busiest day of the year was dawning and forecast to be the hottest on record. A rock falls from the sky and soon after, the huge Bengal Tiger is absorbed by a red light emitting from the object. The day begins normally, but one by one the animals began to attack humans using an uncanny intelligence. Bob and a small group of SAS personnel who had decided to visit him, begin a long running battle of survival against the creatures. Along the way, Bob adopts some members of the public and using all his Special Forces training he tries to keep them safe. Would he and his small band of survivors live through the nightmare.< Less

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