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EPIPHANY By Greg Castle
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Epiphany, is the documentation, of two Miracles that occurred 24 months apart, between, April, 16, 2017, and February 11-15 (16th), thru April, 21, 2019 - In which we avoided collision, with the... More > Dwarf Black Star, Nibiru, also known as Wormwood, and were ballistically vaulted, 16 Days and 46 Min, 47 Sec, ten degrees outward, from the Earth/Sun Procession, causing a 24 hour Time Dilation, during which time, our sun stopped twice, for 3 hours 14 minutes - From our repositioning in Earth Rotation, our sunlight increased, from 480 hz, to 524 hz, the solar energy stored, in the Surface Mantle, eventually discharged, and created a series of worldwide underground super volcanoes, the Magnetic North And South Pole, moved west, by 1400 miles, to the Fourtieth Magnitude, Outer Mongolia, From Central Canada, and South, To Southern Australia, In The Middle, South Ocean, Antarctica: The resulting discharge, created Controlled Fusion Nuclear Reaction - Powerful enough to cause six planets in the Solar System, to retrograde< Less
Remote Viewer: NSA Secret Agent (Enlarged Edition) By Greg Castle
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Remote Viewer, isa Dramatized Account, on Psychic Human Intelligence, employed by the Intelligence Community, to anticipate National Security Emergencies - The first line of Psychic Defense, against... More > enemies foreign and domestic, who pose a imminent threat - These Silent Psychic Warriors, are often embroiled with the most complex and dangerous assignments, and are often Secret Agents, that operate under the deepest cover - A extremely rare breed of unique individuals, who are also Field Agent, Super Soldiers - Psychically adapted and conditioned, to withstand extraterrestrial direct and remote contact - This is a riveting account, of a chronicle of a Remote Viewer, whose precognition insights bring him into the crossfire, of a Deep State Power Struggle - Like the Spy Who Came In From The Cold, Three Days Of The Condor, he must employ his abilities, to avoid becoming a convenient pawn, collateral damage, in "The Most Dangerous Game" = "Trial By Fire And Ordeal"< Less
Unified Field Fusion Physics By Greg Castle
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Unified Field Fusion Physics, Solar Rotation Of Stars, Tokamaks, Zero Point Energy, Dark Matter, Anti-Matter, Black Hole Physics, Warp Drive Propulsion, Nuclear Fusion Physics Applications, Breaking... More > The Speed Of Light, Free Energy, Zero Point Energy Induction, Productive Fusion Energy Production, Future Space Exploration, Worm Holes, Time Displacement, Nuclear Fusion Engineering, Radioactive Isotope Fusion, Magnetic Bottles, Antimatter Accumulation, Anti-Gravity, Magnetic Levitation, Terra Forming, Philosophy Of Time Travel, The Physics Of Time Displacement< Less
Remote Viewer: NSA Secret Agent By Greg Castle
Paperback: $25.08
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Remote Viewer, a Military Grade Psychic, spies used by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency to break codes, correct dysfunctional technology and locate military targets of... More > opportunity – Now the tables are turned, the hunter becomes the hunted – This Rogue Secret Agent must employ all of his cunning and psychic skills, to allude the same government agency that turned him into their greatest secret weapon.< Less

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