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The Manly Art By Keith G. Laufenberg
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In “Sonny Liston's Eyes,” the reader is taken into the Underworld of the sport when a writer interviews an ex-mobster—who is dying of lung cancer—and claims to have killed... More > Sonny Liston, as well as JFK and Martin Luthur King Jr. He tells an incredible story but backs it up by saying he has absolutely verifiable evidence that he will produce for the writer. In “Frankenstein” we see why a young amateur boxer should have picked boxing over football. He has little say in the matter, as his father and uncle have trained him his entire life for football and his grandfather, an ex-professional boxer, has trained him in boxing after he begged him to teach him, after a fight in grade school. He has only two losses in 50 fights but when he is offered more money—just for a sign-on bonus—than the average worker makes in an entire lifetime, or that his grandfather made in his entire boxing career, and 20 times the bonus even his grandfather relents to the 18-year-old-high school senior signing with the Miami Dolphins.< Less
Cowboys and Indians By Keith G. Laufenberg
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Cowboys and Indians is a look back in history and the theme throughout is that the earth upon which we human beings presently live is being systematically killed, strangled, drilled, poisoned, beaten... More > and bartered to death, as we are so graphically shown in the story Walking Mountain, as well as most of the others. The undeniable truth shows us that the European immigrants had a philosophical difference with the Native Americans that they encountered living on the very shores that they invaded and vanquished, and always with the same thoughts in mind: to steal the land from the Natives, who they considered ignorant for their refusal to believe them when they told them how much the minerals above and below the earth, and the very earth itself, was “worth.” This is an argument that continues to this very day and the author has been quoted as saying: “I have always sided with the Native Americans” Any readers who enjoy historical truths seen through the eyes of both sides will enjoy all of these stories.< Less
The Human Beings By Keith G. Laufenberg
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“THE HUMAN BEINGS” is a story written for all ages & it is a story that sticks to the truth, as much as the imagination of any child can stick to the truth. The roots of the story... More > come from the biblical Adam & Eve story and progress in a vein that is intended for little children, as well as all children, to learn how they must treat animals, as well as each other in order not just to be happy but even to assure the survival of the entire planet's population. It centers on the fact that both men and women, human beings, must get along, not only with each other, by not judging one another and engaging in war after war with each other but also with the animal kingdom and the fact that the human beings must learn how to live with every creature on earth because if human beings cannot even learn the simple truth that they must befriend and share the earth with their animal brethren than they will never be able to befriend and share the earth with human beings of a different skin color, country or religion.< Less

Age Verification Required
Age Verification Required
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