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Who is a Disciplined Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.]
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This book is(the first)and an introduction to my second book "JESUS LIVES IN YOUR HOMETOWN" with a progressive autobiography,of the Reverend Brian Richards and prophetic teachings of the... More > Lord Jesus Christ. To bring a closer relationship through being a disciplined disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. 5 short teaching material books with my autobiography and I think this material speaks for itself in the introduction. This is the same book with a different Cover and different aspects of cover stories in Autobiography of others as well the author. This is truly a bargain price for such a condensed course of studies of bible notes from a breakout of revivals of the world over the last 25 years. All Word of Faith teachings from around the world and used by Reverend Brian Richards in Australia, Philippines, and China. This has proven to be the most advanced student’s teachings of this end-time restoration-movement in revivals around the world to day 2019. Publisher: Reverend Brian Dr.Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.]< Less
"Are You In Christ" By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.]
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"Are You In Christ" The local church is not what it used to be originally given to us by the Apostolic people in bible days.The original church pattern we see in Acts 2:46 was founded by... More > the Apostles and Prophets,and its time we got back to that. So this book is designed to be giving you the right mind set for God to speak to us like He did with the original pattern.This book was started as an introduction to an idea of a real mature video bible school for the leadership change that is taking place in the body of Christ to-day. International Christian Community-Video Bible School will be given birth from some of the teaching from this book.So its important that we get the support we need to launch this brand new concept of teaching through the participation of the whole body of Christ without a denominational strongholds looking at the guidelines through the biblical Word of God. Publisher: Rev Dr. Brian Richards Family-team, Word of Faith Ministries International (Australia)A.B.N:39326050887< Less
Son's Of God By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.]
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The prophet is more concerned about God's reputation than social acceptability. This book is not for the faint hearted this is more for the "Maturity of Christianity". How to live an... More > overcoming life ruled by the Word of God and being trained by living Word of God and being trained to become Son's of God,and manifest the Spirit of God in the your lives. Romans 8:26-28 and pray as you know not how to pray as you ought but with the power of the Holy Spirit,and then we know all things will work together for good!For those that love God and are called according to His purpose,and then we shall see the manifestations of the Son's of God. Are you one of them that are called for this purpose?The Lord is coming back soon for His Son's of God,those that have been purged from sin and allowed fire of God to forge them into the shape and design that Jesus will recognize as being like Himself.< Less
JESUS LIVES IN YOUR HOMETOWN. By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.]
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JESUS LIVES IN YOUR HOMETOWN. This is ticketed to be the best seller with fresh revelation being restored to the body of Christ.(application to join "Christian Entrepreneurship Group") We... More > have learned Christ is ready to use the laymen for his Apostles and Prophets, with previous books that Christians now are ready for more. The Spirit of God has directed us to preach the highest and best NOW! We were tempted to call this "Jesus saved the Best till last" So this is the best description of this book. However, it comes with a warning that you will never be the same again when this word takes on your flesh. JESUS LIVES IN YOUR HOMETOWN it is a statement that knowing the answer to this is knowing Jesus this is why the rest of the reading of the previous chapters of the book was absolutely necessary for the preparation of what is about to be written here! This WORD OF FAITH MINISTRIES teaching will change your life forever.< Less

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