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The Way to Success By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $15.99
The Stages you need to follow to succeed in all that you do. Why do some seem to be destined to succeed while others do not have it as easy. Are you destined to fail in all that you do? NO! God... More > has intended a wonderful future for you. He has given you all that you need in order to fulfill your dreams and to reach your goals. YOU are chosen to make a difference with your life. God has a very special purpose for your life and He wants you to reach your destiny. Nobody else can walk out what He has planned with your life. You have a very unique purpose and the desires in your heart have been placed there by God Himself. All that you need is some help along the way, on how to get to reach those goals. In this book you will learn how you can reach your life's destiny by applying simple principles and following a clear track. There are 4 steps that you will learn about. 4 Stages to take you from just day dreaming about success, to taking action and succeeding in all that you do.< Less
Finding God's Perfect Match By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
God has a perfect Match for. You can find the right person to compliment you and to spend your life with. Since the beginning God made you to look for your other half. He never intended for us to... More > be alone. You are an incomplete person without your match. And that is not what God wants for you. Sharing some of his experience in being alone and single, Les D. Crause takes you through how to prepare yourself to find your future partner. And what you can do to make yourself a good prospect for them. As a Christian you do not have to remain alone to serve God, and if you are in a position right now where you want to find someone to serve the Lord together with, or who you can give all your love to, then this book will hold the answers you seek. Sections in This Book Section 01 - How to Prepare for Marriage Section 02 - Developing Relationships Gods Way Section 03 - The Laws of Attraction Section 04 - Finding A Ministry Match Section 05 - Making The Marriage Decision< Less
The Apostolic Calling Expanded By Les D. Crause & Nadine Stohler
eBook (ePub): $19.95
The Apostolic Calling is the definitive teaching by Apostle Les on the call to the Apostolic Office. In this New Expanded Edition, you will find extra teaching by Les as well as some teaching from... More > Apostle Nadine Stohler. There are 11 new chapters that were not in the 1st edition. Today many are claiming to be apostles, and there is a lot of confusion on exactly what the Apostolic Calling is. Apostle Les D. Crause will teach you exactly what the Apostle is called to do, and how to identify the Apostolic Call in your life. The call to Apostle is one of the highest Ministry offices that God can call you to. Very often the Lord starts to prepare you from a young age, and can take years before you are prepared to flow in it.This is not a call to be taken lightly. God has been raising up His Apostles in these end times and they have begun to shake the church and the world.< Less
Your Spiritual Journey By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $12.99
God has a road for you to walk as a believer. The day you accepted Jesus as your savior you started the journey that He has for you. You took the first step on a journey that all believers take. The... More > Road that God has prepared for all of us. You will face a lot on this journey and you need to know what to expect. In this book Les D. Crause breaks down the stages that you will go through. This book is your practical guide on what you can expect on this journey. The teaching goes into detail and shows you from the word the journey and life that God has for you. No matter where you are at in your walk with God, you will see what to expect. Leading up until the final mountain and goal that God has for you. God has many great things in store for you along this journey. But you may not be expecting what awaits you at the top of the mountain. Now you must decide if you want to carry on down this road. Are you ready to face what awaits you? Then take that step now and walk towards what God has for you.< Less

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