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Pseudo Alchemy Trouble Within By Kurt Burnum
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When standing alone in the midst of the dragon’s home. That sacred place which lies deep in the lives and times of the human race, its existence here on earth, and to those who have been... More > created using the complexity of the truth. A little known gambler by the name of Filagree who has learned to understand the inner workings that have been created using a machine whose serinity and continuity of the lines and patterns that make up the inner workings of a star’s quality, it's alignment to a constellation, also to those of the lonely ones who have been controlled by the formation of gravity and only transcended by the higher power of an eternal soul versus the seeming endless power of the energy used by those of the stars!< Less
The Time Walkers By Kurt Burnum
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Hard Cover Compilation. Anthology. A fascinating story of how it came to be that times have changed but they have not. This has lead to an abundance of evidence of an unholy rapture that occurs when... More > The Well of The Eternal Life is found and tampered with in an unnatural way for anyone of human kind who so selfishly take advantage of the bounty of the creation of The Earth itself. A well that is only kept in check by the power of The Mighty Companion that lives within the life giving source inside its well constructed cavern. Of the Time Walkers who drink of its holiness will prosper or will they become slaves to the never-ending servitude that plagues all those of whom partake of The Well of The Eternal?< Less
High Desert Sages By Kurt Burnum
Paperback: $7.48
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“High Desert Sages”, The last Novel in “The Time Walkers Series” catapults you over the horizon and beyond after you find out that your old friends, “The Time... More > Walkers” are facing off against their greatest challenge ever. That of the stars in the skies and the moon from above. This is where the negative feeding of The Banshees who live in The Forests of Fears are going to try and engulf the entire planet with their negative forces which make up the longevity against those who are truly living in the here and now.< Less
Forests of Fears By Kurt Burnum
Paperback: $7.34
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”Forests of Fears”, constitute the book that numbers three of four in, “The Time Walkers Series”. One that faces off the most extreme display of outright treachery which could... More > only be displayed somewhere out in the old west. An old place where someone like well digger Sanford Delaney Dixon and his family of four have been found out to be living on a secret, but lucrative gold mine close to their home. So, someone from The United States Government, Alvin Richardson goes out to find it but gets more than he bargained for as his new everlasting life leads him to find that his family seems to be slipping away from him for good.< Less

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