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The Politics of Consumption By Adam Wasserman
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Imagine a world where the outcome of political debate is arranged beforehand. Imagine a world where we are too busy working to care. Imagine a world where we get to feel good about ourselves. A... More > farcical depiction of the struggles between the world's power brokers: the Holy Man and the Politician, and later on the Capitalist and Communist as well. They must eventually come to an end...< Less
Ms. Wellington's Oak Tree By Adam Wasserman
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A collection of short stories covering over a decade: the death of the gods; life in a conservative, American family; the Earth in an age when corporations have taken over; a stoner coming back from... More > yet another trip to Amsterdam; a rebellious youth traveling through Italy during the Renaissance; likely love in an unlikely setting; psychotic daydreams; a fat man stuck in his neighbor's window; and the dark side of living in a Freemocracy.< Less
Can I Be Of Some Assistance By Adam Wasserman
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Angolina Reeves is a simple Ward of the State. In a yearstretch's time, she expects to graduate and become a full-fledged citizen. She will work hard, stay loyal, and if she's lucky one daystretch... More > make it all the way to Alpha clearance. But in the Bunker – a utopian dreamland – disaster is never far away. And when it strikes, she finds herself trapped out in the dark. And so, together with an unhygienic smack addict by the name of Finian Flanagan and a mysterious stranger from the outside, she sets out to find her way back to civilization. Needled, cajoled, ramrodded, tormented, and bullied, Angolina is forced to contend with adults and in the process become one herself. But time is running out. For it isn't just cold and hunger that threaten her fragile innocence. Branded a traitor by Control, the Bunker's vast and all-knowing overseer, she must somehow redeem herself before it's too late.< Less
Your Call Is Important To Us By Adam Wasserman
Paperback: List Price: $15.99 $11.19 | You Save: 30%
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Welcome (back) to the Bunker, an orderly, underground utopia where everyone's needs have been satisfied. Barney Max is a trustworthy citizen with an impeccable record of achievement. But one... More > daystretch on his way to Mars for an interplanetary conference, he finds himself added to the Thousand Most Wanted List. For no apparent reason at all. And he's allowed to walk free. Thus begins Barney Max's unexpected and entirely unwelcome journey. Deprived of his daily comforts, chased by a persistent headache (not to mention armed guardians from Defense, a secret society of vengeful cybots, and an angry mob of former employees), he is forced to confront a reality he has struggled his whole life to deny. The second in the Bunker series of sci-fi adventure novels, Your Call Is Important To Us can be read independently, although it is best enjoyed in the company of its predecessor, Thank You For Your Cooperation.< Less

Thank You For Your Cooperation Thank You For Your... By Adam Wasserman Paperback:
$14.99 $10.49
The Grey Life The Grey Life By Adam Wasserman Paperback:
$16.99 $11.89
Today's Edition Today's Edition By Adam Wasserman Paperback:
$9.99 $6.99
Bringing Down the House Bringing Down the House By Adam Wasserman Paperback:
$11.99 $10.19

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