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Revenge of the Raithaduine & Penny Dreadful: Back to School By Rachel Redhead
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At last the sort-of semi-sequel to 'Refugees of the Raithaduine' and 'Orphans of the Raithaduine'. The Raithaduine are back and more nefarious than ever. Only Violet can stop them, which has... More > everyone worried, as Violet was once voted droid most likely to be arrested for stealing everything not nailed down. Violet has two really good ideas, hide all the robots on the planet Hendrax at her friend Hannah's new castle there, and then take the war to the Raithaduine before they can destroy planet earth. What can possibly go wrong? Penny Dreadful is a new vampire of the Gemini tribe, specifically the Gothic faction. She has no memories of her past life, which is part of the deal. She must deal with the usual teenage dramas, plus a small but vocal group of humans who want to kill all vampires. Then there's the Glam, the other faction of vampires that are trying to set her up, so it looks like she attacked them...< Less
Jen Hunter vs Debbie Fall & Jen Hunter: Things Went Sideways By Rachel Redhead
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Jen Hunter vs Debbie Fall Debbie has gone over to the side of the criminals, and Jen must track down and defeat her maker. Meanwhile a trial of the elements gets underway and Hammerfall's new chief... More > accountant, Sally Sunshine seems to be involved too somehow. Jen Hunter: Things Went Sideways A group of humans in Paris have discovered the existence of vampires in their midst and established a taskforce to find and kill them. They follow the vampires through the channel tunnel to London, where they happen upon a newly awakened cluster of crimson hand vampires and most are killed. One of the few survivors helps Jen and Charity, who explore the Underground for signs of this group of humans. Too late they find them and discover their plans are a lot more developed than they'd expected. Will Charity find and diffuse the bomb in time?< Less
Jen Hunter: Original Sin, Zodiac Girl & Sensei By Rachel Redhead
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Jen Hunter is not your average bank robber, not after she's betrayed by her friend Chris Cannon. After a chance rooftop encounter she seemingly develops super powers, strength, agility, flying and... More > she starts to make a dent in the criminal organization known as Big Crime. English tourist Sarah Sixpence finally meets her pen pal Choi Mei in Hong Kong. The two young women quickly get involved in a series of strange events each of which sees Mei infused with new powers and a new tattoo on her skin, that can move about it at will. Mei and Sarah discover that Mei is fated to accumulate all the legendary powers of the zodiac animals and become a great super hero. Sarah develops powers of her own along the way, and the two of them move to Mei's uncle's academy to train themselves in kung fu. Back in London Jen is assigned a teacher to instruct her in the way of morality and restraint. Only one candidate is found, Varya Koshmara, who is later revealed to be the legendary warrior Malice Latimer!< Less
The Inferior Comedy Pt. 1 By Rachel Redhead
Paperback: List Price: $13.20 $9.24 | You Save: 30%
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The early adventures of Judy Collins (reformed criminal accomplice), Trudiode (everyone's favourite robot) and Enigma Tree (student, political exile, teacher). Join them at the start of their... More > adventures and the early days of their friendship together. Visit the dangerous Hive and the mysterious Underhistory and discover the pink prison that continues to haunt Judy after her escape. Also featuring many other strange, nice and sinister characters... This edited version has been edited for reasons that are explained within the book, but they were necessary enough to necessitate this edit.< Less

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