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Email From: The Librarian By Dale Carpenter
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Dale Carpenter has worked in academic, corporate, private, public, and special libraries and had sex in several of them. While in the defense industry, he was invited to join a select email group run... More > by the IT Department. So almost daily for over 5 years he sent emails on current events, events from on that day in history, jokes and comments on individuals and their actions. "24-MAR-1988 12:10:33 From: DALE Subj: re: making book dang you, Dean. why did you have to bring up that idea? now when i publish my email messages and make a heap of money, Pat will want some so he can waste it on single-malt scotch and playing football pools. Not to mention going on the talk-show circuit and making it with floozy actresses backstage and with giggly stewardesses in airplane bathrooms. And you will want a small cut so you can make your liquor store owner richer. And make your Mazda pickup into a BIG-FOOT truck, right? p.s. but NO WAY are you guys going to be in the movie. not even in a crowd scene....< Less
Lyrics Without Music By Dale Carpenter
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I wrote the lyrics. You add the music, create the hits and rack in the money. Just give me the writing credit. And maybe a little bit of the money. Or at least mention me to your groupies after... More > you become famous. 63 songs. That's less than 15 cents a song. How can you lose? 17 songs about relationships, 13 songs about the rowdy lifestyle I'm living, 12 songs about loneliness and another 12 about memories of things that happened. And 9 more songs about traveling. So go ahead. Take a chance. Fortune favors the brave.< Less
Electronic Sludge 4: Life Lessons You Should Know By Now By Dale Carpenter
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Humor collected in my computers in 40 years of using the Internet. Humor preferences are a lot like food preferences. If you find something here distasteful, it is not my problem or concern. Just... More > push it to the side of the plate and continue on. You'll find something else more to your liking. If you like this, check out the other cups of Electronic Sludge, or the complete Overflowing Quart of Electronic Sludge.< Less
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