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Serumpun Pinus By Rafflesia FS
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The story of two children of fishermen, named Amir and Annisa who live in a remote part of the coast called Kampung Cermin. They both aspired to develop their village and want to go to school to... More > achieve it. Amir finally managed to go to school in a big city and became a doctor, while Annisa became a teacher and worked in her village. Amir's desire to meet Annisa again and build his village together became a bitter reality after their Kampung Cermin was destroyed by the tsunami. Can love bring them back together?< Less
Zoya By Rafflesia FS
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This is an author's story that has been passed down to their offspring and was inspired about their heredity. The story began with some scientists from Persia tried to sail across the Indian Ocean in... More > order to find spices in Indonesia. Unfortunately they did not reach the destination and finally their ship was stranded at the southern tip of Sumatra island called Teluk Bayu. They mingled and one of them married with a local woman and had a daughter named Zoya. Then a beautiful young lady Zoya made a rebel youth named Burnama kept chasing her until she married with a British officer, and created the anger of Burnama.< Less
Lorong Panjang By Rafflesia FS
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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The story of a time of war where a herd of student soldiers in an area in South Sumatra. The love affair between Irsan and Rani who had been nurtured since childhood together until adulthood finally... More > became a complicated romance rope. The incident that happened to Rani's family during the war made a tragedy that caused their love relationship to be broken because of misunderstanding. Will Rani retain a grudge against Irsan who accused her of bombing her home so that her father and mother and two siblings were killed along with the ruins of their home< Less
Simfoni Kehidupan By Rafflesia FS
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Mariana was a successful career woman also as a young entrepreneur but eventually she went bankrupt because the company that she founded was deceived and corrupted by her own husband named Arman. She... More > was also billed by a huge debt made by her husband actually to support his mistress. Fearful of being pursued by debt collectors she fled to Jakarta and disguised herself as a housemaid at a house owned by a wealthy lawyer. When Dewanto, her master began to fall in love with her, Mariana decided to escape before her real identity is revealed< Less

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