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A Poet's Ebb And Flow By Dudley (Chris) Christian
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This is the fifth book in the series of poetry collections by this author, who was born in Trinidad, raised in Cayman Islands and became Canadian by choice a few years after his service at sea around... More > the world. A sea mariner by nature, he worked the coastal waters of British Columbia, strolled the beaches for his peace of mind, drove through the feverish highways of Vancouver while raising his family on the outskirts of that city during his employment with BC Ferries. Now enjoying a well-earned retirement after more than 50 years of working, he wishes to share with you, his bits and pieces of thoughts that he accumulated over the course of his life. It is with pleasure that he presents to you this book of A Poet's Ebb and Flow with which he hopes that you will harvest a mental serenity and repose from the chaos of today's world.< Less
In the Middle of Believe There's a Lie By Dudley (Chris) Christian
eBook (ePub): $3.99
A-ways back, back beyond the early 1960s I wrote some rhymed lyrics for a few friends of my father, who used them for playing in their home bands. As time went on, I wrote more but didn't even think... More > about putting these in a booklet or having any means of documenting their ownership. A few years later a shipmate of mine looked at and became interested in my few saved works. It was now in the end part of 1961 when I started haphazardly keeping a little book (attempting to keep a record) of some of my song lyrics, song poems, song ballads and even a few thoughts or ideas to be useable in movies or as concert fillers. I do NOT sing myself and as such never had the training to put my words to music vocally. Still my collections grew. Thus to interested and/or musical friends: "FOR YOU". Explore these lyrics to find something you would be willing to take a second long look at, with the hope or thought of being able to use it in your jam session or musicale. Please contact if you wish to use these lyrics.< Less
Love... Life's Illusive Zenith By Dudley (Chris) Christian
eBook (ePub): $3.99
LOVE...Life's Illusive Zenith This is a compilation for getting YOU acquainted with hundreds of poems out of my collection by a selection and variation of topics and subjects.
Love's Reflections By Dudley (Chris) Christian
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Hello there again my Reader friends. Thank you for your interest in yet another record of Legends, times, peoples and places found in my life. We ALL Need reminding now and again that WE ARE Special... More > We DO belong,WE DO have value and far ahead of any of these... Somewhere, Somehow, Sometimes in our past Someone loved us... that's why we're here. Thus this 'LIFE PLAN' is just a travel map which we ALL should carry at all times . It WILL GPS us when we feel lost; It will feed us when our pockets seems to be empty and it will restore our Strength, our Courage and our Belief in ourselves when we need it most. Lastly it will glimpse YOU some of the roads I have had to travel and therein YOU can surely find an incident or cause or story to compare with yours and thereby find HOPE. Read on then... Read on, slow enough, or stop and re-read and you will find there IS Wisdom I've gained from living LIFE while waiting for YOU... just YOU, to come open up your Heart and join us on YOUR Journeys.< Less

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