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Opus 2 By John Love
eBook (PDF): $7.00
The particulars the Evolutionary Proccess, book 2 of Magnum Opus
Deader 3 By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
Describes what the Experiences are as the Living Dead, Automaton Controlled human zombies, look at you and speak in real life but have no Will all their own even when they do
Deader 2 By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
Dead Silence describes a history zombies, captured U.S. Special Forces platoons, and what was Done, and what they do
Thunderbird By John Love
eBook (PDF): $7.77
Dead Silence 4 (Thunderbird; the thunder of Silence) is the story of when corruption and Awake murderous zombies ruled the World because common humanity was not violent enough, until all unite, and... More > goth approaches on the extreme. The Immortals, born in the Gobi Desert and White Island are Born to exterminate like the Ninja of Japan every war criminal in the World, burning cities during nightfall, and leaving dead cities in their blessed Holy wrathful wake< Less

Predestiny Predestiny By John Love eBook:
Cyborg Cyborg By John Love eBook:
Entity Entity By John Love eBook:
Hermetica Hermetica By John Love eBook:
Evolution Evolution By John Love eBook:

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