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Dijishy: The City of History (DnD edition) By Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
Paperback: $17.29
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Welcome to the desert city of Dijishy - a city so ancient that none know its true origins. It is a city governed by the Inevitable Order of Time; a city that is trading post, oasis, refuge, den of... More > thieves, home of prophets, and site of the most ancient library on Tellene. Whether you claim to be a native of the city, a tribesman struggling for survival in the wastes, or one of the brave souls who journeyed here from another land, this supplement presents you with all you need to explore its ancient wonders and modern secrets. DIJISHY: THE CITY OF HISTORY contains all the details you need to play adventures in this setting, including: Races and Regional Feats, New Advanced Cleric Class, Prestige Classes, Weapons, Armor and Equipment, Detailed City and Culture, DM Toolbox, Adventure Hooks and Tips, City Map and Much More!< Less
Lost Temple of the Valiant By Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
Paperback: $9.04
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In the northern Kingdom of Cosdol, an ancient temple of Brovadol the Valiant lies forgotten by the outside world. Only one lone cleric suspects the temple’s existence, but he cannot reach it... More > alone. It will take a special group of heroes to find the temple, for it lies somewhere within territory claimed by the Broken Fang orc tribe. And the Broken Fang orcs do not care much for trespassers…< Less