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Bitten By Love By Ja'Cara McClinton
Paperback: $15.99
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As long as I could remember I have always loved him. But no matter if we were childhood friends, he could never be with someone like me. He is destined to rule after all and he must choose a woman... More > who shares his strength. So, we parted from one another so he could prepare for Kingship.I never thought I would see him again until his ruling come November. But destiny has a weird way of bringing people back together. As we sit side by side in class, I can't help but feel his "wanting" lust from his eyes. I must ignore him and show him I have moved on. To avoid his flirting ways and continue my normal vampire life or so I thought.Enemies emerge and they want him dead! Guns are pointed at us and he is already badly wounded. He needs blood and with me being the only source around, my heart races as this deed can only be described as Bitten By Love.Does our love really stand a chance? Contains sexual themes and adult language< Less
Code: Shadow By Ja'Cara McClinton
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Okay, so have you guys ever wondered what it's like to be a spy? No. Well, how about being a hybrid spy? Still no. Well lucky you because this is my life everyday. Stopping monsters and saving... More > mankind is my everyday kind of job. And, I would love it too, if I wasn't suck with an airhead partner, who can't seem to act his age. I would love to just rip his dark wings off and save the world by myself. But as long as I'm at the Supernatural Spy Organization (SSO) that isn't happening anytime soon. Oh, and if it couldn't get any worse. Now we have an old enemy back on the streets again. That can get rid of mankind as we know it. So, it's up to me and my airhead partner to stop it before we can kiss all the humans goodbye forever. Join me Kat Long on this amazing avdenture to save the human world. But try and keep up though because there is a reason my name is CODE: Shadow< Less
Ancient Love By Ja'Cara McClinton
eBook (ePub): $3.99
All he wants is to find true love, but could it mean his demise? Eric V. Tepes was your average teenage boy, except for the fact that he's 117 years old. As a hybrid finding true love isn't... More > easy. Until thanks to his 'Angel' Yasmine his life now feels complete, and as their relationship continues to grow could it be in danger? They will face secrets within the supernatural world and problems they will have to face as one. They fight for their love and proving it was meant to be, as history brings along Ancient trouble... that will either tear them apart or make their Love grow stronger.< Less
Crescent Moon: Rebirth of the Moon Priestess By Ja'Cara McClinton
eBook (ePub): $4.15
Final Book, to my Crescent Moon saga. Crescent Moon was just your average urban girl, until she moved to New Orleans. Now, she is a girl destined for greatness, but can she handle the pressure? ... More > From finding Yang and now searching for Yin, her life has now become busier than ever and her boss, Lance isn't helping either. Not to mention her secret relationship with her knightly-butler. How long can their relationship stay quiet, while her friend Sasha comes for a week long visit. New enemies a rise as Lo'Gan finally makes his move on our next Moon Priestess. Crescent must now fight harder than ever for her throne come Halloween night. But will she make it out alive or will the pressure submerge her completely? Contains explicit contents as you read.< Less

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