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Only Norman Vikings By David James Smith
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High King selection over other kings ensured there would always be an adult on the throne, but warfare and murder followed. Overlordship was only submission under duress, ignored unless enforced.... More > Vikings kept coming, to settle, fight for possession, or for hire. Highland Chiefs are re-aligned by sourced history. Sigurd Rollo raided Scotland and became Jarl of Shetland and Orkney. He landed on the northern coast of France where his descendants became Dukes of Normandy. Erik Rollo accompanied his uncle, William the Conqueror, on the invasion of England, and Richard, followed King David I of Scotland when he left the English court to reclaim his Scottish throne. Wallace was betrayed. ‘Rollo’ first appears in a 1141 charter granted by Robert de Brus, another Norman Viking descendant. Sir Henry de Bohun, an English knight, was killed by Robert the Bruce before his Battle of Bannockburn.< Less
Only the Vikings By David James Smith
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“You all know me as Highland Warrior Chief Cattan, a Sennachie who can recite all our ancestors, and as a parson looking to save your souls. Today, I give you a reason to fight and to keep hold... More > of what we have created. The heathen Vikings, we now face, left their own homelands to explored the wider world. We need to know how far they have reached, and to dissuade those we meet from coming back to our western isles. We the Catti tribe are accepted by the Picts and are trusted to make their alliances. Be ready to fight on for what is your inheritance. I will be with you.”< Less
Only Vikings By David James Smith
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Do you have Viking blood in your veins? Where were your ancestors? Viking raids from annual chronicles, and handed down sagas, tell of warrior chiefs and exploration by sea. From the hardiest of... More > peoples mixing with those surviving the ice ages, through expansion east and west, they influenced the world. Battles were fought for territory with Charlemagne of France, Alfred of England, and Europe. Invited to rule as ‘Rus’ (Russia), and the ‘Northmen’ (Normandy) asked to defend France. Then, after the Battle of Hastings, they overran Britain. Today, descendants in Scandinavia are noted for peace awards and have provided an answer to ‘Brexit’.< Less
Only Lettie Pony Adventure By David James Smith
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Cheeky Charlie: “Have you ever wondered where ponies came from long ago? How they coped in the ice ages? When people became friends with ponies and why? How the different breeds started?... More > Lettie, an ice age pony, will tell you all about it.” David James Smith is an investigator, historian, breeder, and natural horseman, with national style and performance competitor success. He helps Lettie write for boys and girls in an interactive style to inspire their search for knowledge using the compass, geography, history, challenges, and useful illustrations.< Less

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