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Securing the Network By Nathan Gregory
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From the chaos of the early DARPA, ARPANET and NSF-funded NSFNET has emerged a globe-spanning communications facility we today call simply “The Internet.” It has become so commonplace and... More > so taken for granted that Wired News has decreed that writers should no longer capitalize it. This tale is not singularly focused on the past. It tells not only how we got here, but where we think the Commercial Internet must go. For all its greatness, today’s Internet has serious shortcomings. Theft of personal data, identity theft, online scams, and advertising fraud run rampant, with online dollars diverted to organized crime. Insecure systems, poor security practices and an attitude of secrecy and reluctance to acknowledge failings inhibit real solutions. We propose a way forward, a networking future that is bright, optimistic, and secure.< Less
Chromosome Warrior By Nathan Gregory
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Call me Jill. It's not my name, though it has been my handle since I lied about my age to join the military. Yeah, that’s right; G.I. Jill. If I would tell the tale, you'd beg to understand... More > where was I born, how lousy my childhood had been, what sort of monsters my parents were, that Dickensian sort of crap. Fuck that! If you must know the simple truth, I'm an authentic Man in Black, the real deal. That's all you need to know. Years ago – before The Agency found me – having little money and despite some 'spiritual' gifts, few prospects due to my gender and stature, I decided to enlist in the service. I'm uncertain what I expected, a few adventures and travel the world, I suppose. Better than hooking – not that anything's wrong with that. Petite, Chinese and pretty; assets to a hooker, hindrance to a warrior. I needed to kick someone in the teeth – several someones in fact – until they saw more than curves. Schooled in weaponry and marksmanship; I discovered I like weapons.< Less
Chromosome Conspiracy: Everyone Needs a Personal MiB By Nathan Gregory
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The Aliens have come for him! After completing Chromosome Quest, Fitz is just getting his life in order when Certified Agent Alex Marco appears with a mystery; one of Fitz’s... More > ‘fictional’ characters has walked straight out of his book and landed in Alex’s morgue! More Aliens appear and Fitz must reveal that the book was, in fact, not fiction and the Aliens desperately need his help. Fearing Alex and the Men in Black, Fitz goes on a wild run in a desperate bid to keep his friends out of Government hands. Then he discovers a new villain, and suddenly the Men in Black seem almost cuddlesome. Buy Chromosome Conspiracy, Because everyone needs a Personal Man in Black!< Less
Chromosome Quest By Nathan Gregory
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $7.49 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
When the crazy old guy and his mysterious redheaded companion recruited Fitz, they didn't mention the dinosaurs. Travel, they promised! Adventure! Riches! That the job was on another planet where... More > they must live and train among a dying, desperate alien civilization must have slipped their minds. Life among the fur-people is not without complications. He lusts for the unattainable Teena, while Lolita is the light of his life and mother of his son. When the time for battle arrives, he must leave his furry family. With the crazy old guy and the flaming-haired Teena, he must cross a continent that is home to deadly carnivores and transit a hidden portal. Then they must take on a runaway, and heavily-armed A.I., and retrieve the genetics database that holds the key to humanity's survival. Can a man juxtapose love and lust and long remain sane? Read Chromosome Quest and save humanity today!< Less

The Tym Before ... The Tym Before ... By Nathan Gregory Paperback:
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The Tym Before ... The Tym Before ... By Nathan Gregory Hardcover:
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