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Sacred Knights By Michael Rogers
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In the fourth amazing installment, you wouldn't expect much to happen after the closure of Madora's Prophecy, right? Our heroes return to a place they never thought to see again and endure tasks... More > much worse than fighting Scoldrants! The Consultant has finally released his trump card and sent the strongest non-celestial being after the party. Will our heroes survive such a foe? PKMY, using her Rostical power to summon a barrage of meteors, Season, changing the weather to his command and Teresa, breaking the sound barrier with sheer physical movement alone, join forces to fight a single entity. Three prodigies against one opponent, surely this will be an easy win?< Less
Madora's Prophecy By Michael Rogers
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In the third thrilling installment, our heroes finally reach the last Unknown Territory, only to be confronted by the final villain! Can they defy the prophecies and stop his plans? After seeing... More > some familiar faces, things aren't looking good for the party! The number two captain takes authority and shows herself to the party, forcing them into combat! Lezard: "You! Yes, you! Emotions run wild on this delicious adventure! Read to find out!"< Less
Celestrial Lancer By Michael Rogers
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In the second exciting installment, Alicia with the help of Felix and Riddle explore the fourth Unknown Territory and encounter The Sacred Waters' Guardian. Meanwhile, the number one ranking warrior... More > confronts one of our heroes and is suddenly forced into combat. The Consultant, tired of the warrior's continuous failure to stop the party, decides to handle them personally! From underwater sanctums to floating islands above the clouds, our heroes won't give up until all five Unknown Territories are located and safe from the Consultants!< Less
The Rostical Guild - Sceldrant's Comet By Michael Rogers
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Written like it's a script from a video game, a manga and RPG inspired story, follows the events leading up to the first major prophecy. Our heroes, a seven year old Sacred Dancer, a swordsman that... More > despises titles, a warrior with the ability to control the land, a blind archer and the classic white mage try to find a way back to Earth after being transported by a mysterious power. Yet, something doesn't want them to. They encounter foes that wield unimaginable power, battle elemental Guardians and even compete in a race where people die, this fun fantasy filled adventure isn't exactly what they thought it would be! Will our newly formed heroes find a way home? Will they be the best guild? Will they survive in the harsh lands of Rostical? Read to find out!< Less

The Rostical Users - Sceldrant's Comet The Rostical Users -... By Michael Rogers Paperback:
$19.74 $13.82
Desert Dragon Desert Dragon By Michael Rogers Paperback:
$15.88 $11.12
Corrupted Radiatons Corrupted Radiatons By Michael Rogers Paperback:
$23.32 $16.32
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Bakana Flare Bakana Flare By Michael Rogers Paperback:
$23.41 $16.39

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