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Beethoven's Tenth By Wot Blowers
Paperback: $11.88
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Beethoven on a motorbike. Beethoven claiming Social Security? Well, he has to have something to live on, doesn't he, when he returns to the future in order to complete his tenth symphony. Spare a... More > thought for Vivian and Ted, living peaceably in the Lake District, on whom he decides to inflict himself. Noisy, disruptive, and not always visible, he turns their lives nd those of their friends upside down in order to finish what was left unfinished when he died. And having finished it, is that the end? No chance! One by one his latter-day supporters come to his aid to make sure the symphony has a wider public. There is a bit of agony, a lot of laughter, even a spark of romance - and many, many legs are pulled along the way.< Less
Quarry By Wot Blowers
Paperback: $18.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
An area of northern England has been acting as a portal between this and a different, near-parallel dimension. Susceptible people can use the instability in the space-time continuum, calling it going... More > through the Mirror. Discovering two susceptibles, Jed and Gail, old-hand Therese recruits them to join her as an agent of the rebels who are trying to bring down the regime on the other side of the Mirror. Once through they discover not one, but at least four interlaced dimensions, people with emanations and a nightmare totalitarian government. Dissidents are disappeared or hunted as quarry with dogs, nobody knows whose side anyone is on, rules govern everything and the country is racked by earthquakes. But because they can ride the shifts in the continuum Jed and Gail are immune to the fear that grips the majority and soon become successful agents. Before the end, however, Chaos Theory comes into play and those who don’t understand Schrödinger’s Cat have to get a grip on it very quickly.< Less
The Thud Omnibus By Wot Blowers
Paperback: $13.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
All four of the Isle of Thud novels in one volume, from the very beginning when the Customs and Revenue start taking an interest in the not-always-visible island to the very end when property... More > developers do likewise. Read how the resourceful Thuddians repel the Revenue, the military, the Common Agricultural Policy and a pair of property developers intent on making a killing each time with flair, imagination and not a little skulduggery. Catch up with Alberta the pensioner balloonist, mine hosts of the open-all-hours pub the Conger Eel, Gary the schoolteacher, fresh out of jail, ex-Essex girl Sheree the financier, Willie John who can fix anything - to name but a few. And included with this all-inclusive volume there is the added bonus of some beautiful pictures!< Less
The Hyacinth Girl By Wot Blowers
Paperback: $15.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Eliot’s The Waste Land was the inspiration for this modern Quest for the Grail. While the land might not be laid waste, the lives of so many people patently are. We fall in love with the wrong... More > people, we treat the right people badly, we lose sight of a world we once thought might hold hope. This story tells of the lives and loves of Reinhold Walter and Lena Robson. From the hope and optimism of youth to the realization as the years pass that they are in danger of becoming trapped in the Waste Land, their lives run in parallel. Yet neither quite lose sight of what they both, independently, regard as their Quest, despite Reinhold’s disastrous marriage and Lena’s betrayal by the men she has loved. The story strides from wartime Germany to present day England, from London to the Lake District and Eastern Europe to California, poverty lies with plenty, kindness with monstrous ingratitude; and like the medieval questors, each must ultimately ask the Question that will lead to resolution and healing.< Less

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