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Shadows and Allon Lovers By Steven Newell
Paperback: $7.19
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In the struggle of political divisions, factions fighting to gain their say against other political groups there are those who advocate for harmony and peace. By accident fate placed this man in the... More > center of many challenges. Through it all he tries to see things more spiritually, seeking to keep of a higher truth. Defending himself from yet another politically driven journalism challenger, he almost makes ego defense his goal. But he stops. Seeing this other Soul, and seeking a spiritual understanding, he finds oneness, unity and even a loving way forward that can help communities better connect. Worlds were about to collide in conflict, but love and spiritual truth have provided a better way. It is a way of peace, love and hope.< Less
Dreams of Allon By Steven Newell
Paperback: $9.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
A man seeking to live a personally chosen and authentic life moves to live in a rural acreage with his loved ones in a communal family farm while teaching at the local mid-west university. But his... More > dream, the dream of Allon, will be disrupted by the realities of a changing and radicalizing world. While he wanted to live simply in his country home, he must launch using his military skills in aerospace piloting once again. Only by being willing to accept what duty has called, will he truly have a chance to live any part of his dreams.< Less
Shadows and Allon Lovers By Steven Newell
eBook (ePub): $1.04
Sci-Fi "what if" speculating that through the galaxy all humans are artificially modified? This is the fourth book of Allon Sci-fi. What would humanity do in a billion years given rapid... More > growth in technology we see, in a universe 13 billion years old? Are they here now? Alien machines made of molecules and work with flesh as if molding clay? An individual living for thousands of years has mellowed, not bothered by Gay affection. Immortal living still protects body health perhaps even more. Anger holds new dimensions before an Internet technology grown over a billion years! Jealousy and anger still can risk disaster. Advanced science can not prevent a war of revenge. Does love conquer all, even here? There are reasons to believe it does!< Less
Allon Science Fiction Series 1 By Steven Newell
eBook (ePub): $0.99
New Thought has historically been influential in the literature of UFOs and a theory of Ancient Astronauts. The metaphysical evolution theory of which evolved first? The problem of being human and an... More > Astronaut. If we really know evolution then imagine a world of immortal Souls traveling both space and time. Unlike those stories of the Ancient Greeks, this one is not the magic of Gods, but almost as frightful use of power. What if around Earth is a civilization with a billion years of history and science having absolutely no reason to present that fact to any Earthhuman? So here comes three short-stories published between 1990 and 2000 building the "Allon Universe" for this Science Fiction Series seeding ideas in Space. Only AI travels between Solar Systems at this distance. Biology in Astronauts evolves slowly.< Less

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