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Toronto Blessing Charismatic deception By K B Napier
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The Toronto Blessing (TB) was planned by charismatic leaders who saw their movement dwindling in numbers. Though planned, it became obvious that Satan took it over and the effects hit the churches... More > worldwide like a runaway truck! It only lasted about two years, but its destructive force is still with us in the now mainstream charismatic movement. Many churches that allowed the TB through its doors thought it would save their existence and save souls, but it did not. Churches hit in the face by the vile movement were ruined, deceived and far from God. Thousands of individual Christians were shattered. The various manifestations were accepted and called as 'from God' though they were so blatantly satanic and wicked. When the storm passed, many churches were shamed into pretending it never happened, but they did not repent or publicly disown the movement. This book and others in the series MUST warn churches of a similar movement if it arises (which it will). Its history MUST be told.< Less
Toronto Blessing Diary Destruction of Churches By K B Napier
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Dealing with the 'Toronto Blessing' (TB) was one of the most traumatic periods of my life. It only lasted a few years, but its vileness still last 25 years later, because though the 'Blessing' left,... More > it morphed into countless other movements and fake 'revivals' which continue even now. True charismaticism is ungodly and unbiblical, and damages thousands of souls a year. Wherever the TB came to town, it brought with it a circus of evil that destroyed huge numbers of churches. So, though this is an archive book, it is highly pertinent. Christians MUST know how the charismatic movement arose and what it did, because it is a fake movement claiming to be of God. It is not! It is a vile deception that ruins lives.< Less
Thessalonians & Jude A Commentary By K B Napier
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Paul wrote to one of the farthest Christian churches at the time, in Thessalonica, Macedonia. It is obvious from the content of his epistles to them, that they were a sound church... it often happens... More > that those at a distance from the source tend to be the most ardent. He, and his fellow Apostles, commended the church for its faith. Yet, they called upon the Christians there to do even more. It is a tendency amongst modern Christians to leave everything to the pastor and deacons. But, this leads to laziness. A short book has been added to the letter to the Thessalonians - Jude. It wisely tells us to remember our place in God's economy - we are created beings, of lesser power than demons. Even the archangel Michael dared not oppose the mighty Satan in his own power, but deferred to the Lord. A lesson all charismatics should learn, quickly!< Less
Peter's Epistles A Commentary By K B Napier
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Peter is often considered to be a 'hot-head', because of his impetuous nature. And so he was. But, these two Epistles prove him to have also been a capable and deep theologian. In this Commentary he... More > 'pressed my button' - and this is reflected in some of the anecdotal notes. Though speaking to saved Jews, what he said applies to every Christian alive today. Though he had a tough argument with Paul at one time, these Epistles are truly godly. Read them!< Less

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