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Seven Souls on a Cross By Emil Toth
Paperback: $17.00
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Paul Sentes builds a cross, places it in his front yard, hangs on the cross and begins the most dramatic, inspirational, spiritual, and challenging undertaking of his life. Prompting Paul to the... More > astounding act is his unwillingness to let anger control his life. He cries out to God for help and receives a recurring mystical vision of him on a cross. He faces a psychological abyss alone. Only his vow of silence protects him from the torments of his neighbors, visitors and the media. Paul’s controversial act reverberates through his neighborhood, the church and ultimately the world. Thousands come to pray, to deposit articles on his lawn and ask for healing. Six souls twisted by anger become intimately involved with Paul, during his stay on the cross. They share their dreams and issues with him. On day 30, Paul has an epiphany and is spiritually transformed on the cross. Five of the six souls are also transformed. The other suffering soul is incapable of transformation and shoots Paul on day 40.< Less
Love’s Beloved By Emil Toth
Paperback: $25.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kaathi, the mystic healer, Jacob, the warrior, and friends confront danger and intrigue in distant villages. Kaathi refuses to pay homage to a tyrannical emperor and is imprisoned; it sparks hundreds... More > of supporters to protest for her release. An unexpected solar eclipse startles the evil emperor forcing him to make a spectacular decision. In the holy village of Jeru Salem, Kaathi speaks with the leaders of the three world religions, enraging one of them so grievously he engages killers to silence her. Everywhere Kaathi goes, she encounters suppression of women and encourages them to demand equality, justice and freedom. She continues to share her inspirational message of love to established groups of supporters and everyone willing to listen. An abused woman entombed every day by her jealous husband, escapes, seeks help from family and friends, does not receive it and roams the village in hope of finding the mystic, Kaathi and sanctuary.< Less
Love’s Wisdom By Emil Toth
Paperback: $21.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kaathi, the wise Healer, and Jacob, the Warrior, of the Kahali village, embark on a quest to track down a young man from her visions and bring him back to their village. Kaathi finds the young man in... More > the village of Homar ruled by a tyrant king and discovers he is the king’s son. Kaathi demonstrates to Jacob that courage is not reserved for men, by accusing the king of promoting slavery and grave injustices to women. The king explodes in rage and Kaathi is forced to fight for her life, where she dramatically and unequivocally proves to Jacob that love is stronger than the sword. The king’s son agrees to accompany Kaathi and Jacob, as they flee for their lives. The enraged, vengeful king swears to destroy Kaathi, Jacob and their people. The king and his horde of soldiers arrive in Kahali intent on destroying the village and killing everyone, leaving Jacob to wonder if Kaathi will use her spirituality to substantiate that love can conquer everything.< Less
Love's Ancients By Emil Toth
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kaathi, the Healer, sets out to find the spiritual Ancients. The Ancients help Kaathi’s group see the future. Some see horror and seek to change it. Can they and will it present alternate... More > dangers? A tribe of stalking primitives seek to mate with women in Kaathi’s group. Unable to communicate with them can they prevent the primitives from stealing the women? A colony of horrific mutants wants to make Kaathi and her group sexual slaves. Can Kaathi use her love to keep her group safe? A tribe of diminutive, hairless people attack Kaathi’s group. Only one woman from the attackers survives. Kaathi discovers the woman uses her mind to heal a broken arm. The group encroach upon lion, crocodile and baboon territories and fight for their lives. Kaathi refuses to seek the safety of a tree and fearlessly faces an approaching lion. Can she keep it from making a meal of her? Kaathi takes a few people from each race she encounters back to her village.< Less

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Love’s Transformation Love’s... By Emil Toth Paperback:

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