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New Moon Rising: An LGBT Tale of Self-Discovery & Acceptance By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
High above the earth, a new moon enters her celestial existence. She is charmed by the warmth and beauty of the heavenly bodies around her, and an array of thrilling and curious sights fill the moon... More > with wonderment. Yet it soon becomes apparent that she is the only moon in the night sky. Questions regarding her identity soon overwhelm her, and she is compelled to seek out answers. Will the moon find contentment in the things she learns about herself or succumb to self-doubt? Most of all, will she take comfort in what renders her unique and accept that which makes her different from those around her? NEW MOON RISING: AN LGBT TALE OF SELF-DISCOVERY & ACCEPTANCE is a story for young people struggling with their sense of identity. Self-discovery can be a challenging time for any child, yet for those uncertain of their sexual orientation or gender, it can be even more difficult.< Less
Treelove: A Story of Loss & Newfound Hope By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
TREELOVE: A Story of Loss & Newfound Hope is an allegory about the all-too-human struggle with tragedy and loss, the hope it can inspire, and the unshakable resilience of life.
Greedy Guts By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Forced to conform to the wishes of his parents that he be a slim and healthy child, Gregory Griswold Gulf longs for the moment when he can defy their authority and indulge his desire to fill his face... More > with every appealing and delectable item that falls beneath his voracious gaze. Then comes the day when that blissful moment presents itself, and Gregory is freed from his prison of dietary oppression and self-control. Yet in his efforts to satisfy his fierce and uninhibited passion for the consumption of savory delights, Gregory learns that yielding to such gluttonous urges often comes with a price.< Less
Sir Foolhardy & the Misfits of Mushwood Forest By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $27.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the deepest darkness of the forest of Mushwood, a strange pair of fellows live out their days. Sir Foolhardy, a knight in name only, longs for the glory that belongs only to the conqueror of a... More > great quest. Spurt, on the other hand, lives for the simple pleasures: a pipe, a drink of birch beer, and a foot rub. When Foolhardy decides to seize his chance for honor, he drags Spurt along for the ride. You're invited to join Foolhardy, Spurt, and the merry band of misfits they meet along the way, as this unlikely group departs the forest. As the group seeks adventure, castles, riches, and, of course, true love, with these two leading the way, how could anything go wrong? Did I mention Spurt's a dragon...< Less

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