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解构莎士比亚:中国成语PK英国诗剧(下部)Deconstruct Shakespeare:Chinese Idioms PK English Drama(Part 2) By Xuanjun Xie
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归结在莎士比亚名下的英国诗剧,就像大英博物馆里的馆... More >藏,它的内容来自世界各地,并且,是由众多作者从不同来源那里搜罗来的。当然,其中也难免带有大量的中国古董。因此,用中国成语来解构莎士比亚戏剧,也就成了比较文学领域中的一项重要工作。借此,可以进一步比较研究中英文学意象之异同,及其在世界文学中的源流演化过程。功莫大焉。每个中国成语,都是一个戏剧因素,甚至通过一个典故构成一个故事情节。所以,用中国成语去解构莎士比亚的戏剧,可以发现他的剧本其实是由许多戏剧因素拼凑延伸衔接转折而成的,每个莎士比亚剧本大约包含了类似中国成语的典故达到四十多个到六十多个。 A Synopsis of the Book: Attributed to the English drama in Shakespeare's name, like collections in the British Museum, come from different parts of the world, and are collected by many authors from different sources. Of course, it is inevitable that with a large number of Chinese antiques. Therefore, using Chinese idioms to deconstruct Shakespeare's plays has also become an important task in the field of comparative literature. In this way, we can further study the similarities and differences between Chinese and English images and their origins and evolutions in world literature.< Less
Mormonism(摩门教) By Xuanjun Xie
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本书收集了互联网上有关摩门教的一些资料,并且加以编... More >辑和点评。分为概况、教义、法律、文化、社会五章,每张八个小节,外加五个附录,合计45篇。大体反映了摩门教的全貌。 A Synopsis of the Book: This book collects some information about Mormonism on the Internet, which the author edits and comments on. Divided into profiles, doctrines, laws, culture, social five chapters, each eight sections, plus five appendices, a total of 45 articles. Generally reflect the whole picture of Mormonism.< Less
三哲论——个性的锋芒 Three Philosophies - the Edge of Personality By Xuanjun Xie
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个性的锋芒,就是个人挑战传统,其体现之一,就是个人... More >哲学挑战传统宗教,这其实也是思想主权在质疑并修正国家主权——这是在耶稣基督诞生之前几百年就已经开始了的。这个“轴心时代”的奥秘就在于文字的普及,文字首次记录了个性的脉动,从而揭开了哲学的篇章。本书选择《奥义书》、诺斯替、《庄子》作为实例,分析了印度、欧亚(欧洲和中东)、中国这三个地区的独特哲学。 A Synopsis of the Book: One of the manifestations of individuality is its individual challenge tradition. One of its manifestations is that individual philosophy challenges traditional religions. This is actually the sovereignty of the thought is questioning and correcting the national sovereignty - which began hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The mystery of this "Axial Age" lies in the popularization of writing, the first recording of the pulse of personality in character, and the opening of a chapter in philosophy. This book selects the Upanishads, Gnostic, and Zhuangzi as examples to analyze the unique philosophy of India, Eurasia (Europe and the Middle East) and China.< Less
亚洲26年印象记 Asia 26 Years Impression By Xuanjun Xie
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时移世易。亚洲正在重新成为世界历史的重心。在这样的... More >时局面前,重温26年(1991年—2017年)以来的亚洲印象,是极有意思的。本书包括了圣地、日本、台湾以及其他亚洲城市的游记。这些阅读、思考、写作的主要内容取自互联网络参考资料,作者加以搜集整理校阅,并附有自己的评论。每篇文章之后,作者还用自己所写的短诗,进行了总结。合计45篇。 A Synopsis of the Book: The world is changing, and Asia is regaining the gravity of world history. It is very interesting to review the Asian impression since 26 years (1991 — 2017) before such a situation. This book includes travel notes of the Holy Land, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian cities. The main content of these reading, thinking, writing is taken from the Internet reference materials, collected by the author for review, with its own comments. After each essay, the author also summarizes the short poems he wrote. A total of 45 essays.< Less

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