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The Resignation of President Xi Jinping and the Implementation of Universal Suffrage in China - Interviews with Pyrite, Archangel Ariel and Harvey By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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Human rights activist Wang Meiyu, 38, was detained after he stood outside the Hunan provincial police department holding a sign that called on President Xi Jinping to resign and implement universal... More > suffrage in China. He was later charged with "picking quarrels and provoking trouble," a vague offence often given to dissidents. Wang, who began his work as an activist when his home was forcibly demolished, has been detained and suffered torture before. In 2018 after he held up the placard calling for President Xi’s resignation, he wrote online of how police stormed into his home, ordering him to write a statement promising he would stop. Wang died on 23rd September 2019, after suffering torture in Chinese custody; bleeding from his eyes, mouth, ears and nose. The author’s opinion: President Xi Jinping should resign, and make room for Pyrite – the Guardian Dragon of the People’s Republic of China – who ought to be become the new President of China, so that human rights and human dignity can be restored in China.< Less
The Legacy of President Xi Jinping of China – A Study of Social Instability, Human Rights Violations, Civilian Suffering and Communism in the People's Republic of China By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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The current government of China argues that its concept of 'social stability’ requires that the welfare of the collective should always be put ahead of the rights of any individual whenever... More > conflicts between these arise. The fallacy and error of this policy is that it is enforced by the Communist Party of China (CPC); a few key figures in the party, who have not been democratically elected by the people of China. As evidenced by the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, the people of China have asserted their basic human right for freedom of assembly, which the CPC is still suppressing with an iron fist to this day – China still being a one-party state, with no opposition party being permitted to challenge the monopoly on power of the CPC government... It should also be noted, that the Supreme People's Court of China – under Chief Justice Zhou Qiang – is an utterly incompetent legal community, guilty of blatant human rights violations in all 22 provinces of China; and hence a disgrace to the legal fraternity.< Less
The Legacy of President Hassan Rouhani – A Tyrannical Political System facilitating Injustice, Human Rights Violations, Warmongering and Poverty in the Islamic Republic of Iran By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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The nuclear deal between Iran and the West should be saved; as the general consensus in France, Germany, the United States and Britain seems to be, that defusing tensions with Iran should be a... More > diplomatic priority, to avoid a potential war, and to ensure that the human rights train can finally get on the tracks in Iran. The author advocates that President Hassan Rouhani should be convinced to come to the negotiation table, under the condition that President Donald Trump and the EU, for example, initially lift 50% of sanctions imposed against Iran; and ultimately lift all sanctions against Iran, once the new nuclear deal with Iran is sealed, so that peace and prosperity can be manifested in Persia – and with the aim that people imprisoned unjustly in Iran can finally be released; foreign nationals and Iranian nationals alike. However, should Iran really want a war, they can have one – the author’s opinion being, that in the event of war, surgical strikes against evildoers may be the best course of action here.< Less
The Legacy of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) – A Dictatorial Party facilitating Abuse of Power, Social Inequality and Neo-Nazi Activities in the Republic of Austria By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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Having emerged from the ashes of the Third Reich, the FPÖ was founded in 1956 by Anton Reinthaller, a former Nazi functionary and SS officer, who was the inaugural leader of the Freedom Party of... More > Austria (FPÖ). Since then the FPÖ has orchestrated rule of law violations in Austria; including the violation of freedom of press, expression and of belief; as well as inciting hatred against immigrants and refugees. With national socialist offences by the FPÖ increasing in frequency, the FPÖ needs to improve and reinvent itself – also in view of links between the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings and the far-right Identitarian Movement in Austria (IBÖ). Otherwise the FPÖ must be made illegal; as it is Austria’s duty to combat the resurgence of neo-Nazi activities by way of law. Social challenges – such as abuse of power and social inequality – are also explored in this evidence-based study. It should also be noted, that the FPÖ Party’s contribution to global gender equality and global peacebuilding is absolute zero.< Less

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