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Hermetic Qabalah Foundation—Complete Course By Oliver St. John
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Hermetic Qabalah and Initiation Workbook are placed here under one cover in a portable paperback format. Herein is the key to spiritual alchemy and the operation of tantrik magick and yoga: the Tree... More > of Life is seeded in the astrosome of the magician so the rituals and practices are a gateway to true knowledge. The Qabalah is the framework for magick, including astrology, tarot, gematria, talismans, meditation, invocation and evocation, the pentagram and hexagram, elemental weapons, the sphere of sensation and the astral plane. The Hermetic Qabalah is seamlessly integrated with the one-year practical coursework through ritual meditations upon the paths. Preliminary work includes the Wisdom of Breath, Ritual Sonics, Assumption of the Godform and a powerful variation of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. The student then moves, step-by-step, towards creation of an astral double as a medium for forging the inner plane contacts that make real initiation possible.< Less
Babalon Unveiled! Thelemic Monographs By Oliver St. John
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This collection of 36 monographs serves as a well-rounded introduction to the Law of Thelema. ‘Lapis Philosophorum’ redefines the magical philosophy of Thelema, liberating it from the... More > accretions of the past as well as those of the modern age. ‘Babalon Unveiled!’ forms the centrepiece of this collection and is one of seven related studies on the mystery of the Scarlet Woman. Each shows an aspect of her oracular voice as it has been heard and recorded down the ages. ‘Angels of Sacred Dance, Love and Whoredom’ examines how the divine feminine of pre-religious antiquity was demonised, resulting in a host of ‘fallen angels’ whose identity is yet preserved, albeit under a heavy veil in traditional Qabalistic texts.The book is dedicated to the memory of Rose Edith Kelly, otherwise known as Rose Crowley or Ouarda the Seer. Rose was the medium and intelligence for the transmission activated through the Stele of Revealing in the Cairo museum in 1904.< Less
The Enterer of the Threshold By Oliver St. John
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Second Edition (2019), updated, illustrated and expanded to conform to the Esoteric Doctrine of Thelema. Initiation works through the formula called the Enterer of the Threshold. The Probationer must... More > enter the pyramid of Malkuth from ‘outside’ to truly become a Neophyte. They must square the infinite circle of all that they are and can ever be. The 0=0 is the most important grade in the Order because it lays the foundation and provides the magical link between the outer world of Darkness and the interior world of Illuminated Souls or inner plane Adepti. It is the aim of magick to forge contacts with the latter. The Probationer degree is all about the circle of the infinite—for it has no number or sephira. The squaring of the circle applies to every grade and every sephira of the Tree of Life.< Less
Hermetic Astrology By Oliver St. John
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The primary aim of this book is to explain esoteric or magical astrology in a simple and concise way. The veriest beginner will quickly gain an understanding of their natal horoscope, while those... More > already well-versed in the subject will find here magical and esoteric applications for the art that rarely, if ever, appear in textbooks on astrology. Here is a complete course in astrology covering astrological symbolism, chart interpretation, the dignities of signs, houses and planets, aspects and astrological timing. Esoteric knowledge is revealed concerning the Part of Fortune, the Dragon Stars or Nodes of the Moon, the Egyptian Ka or double, the Holy Guardian Angel and the Evil Genius, Outer Gateways and the use of the natal chart as a Master Key of Life.< Less

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