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Beyond the Edge of Dawn By Christian Warren Freed
Paperback: $18.99
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The Knights of Gaimos are legendary. The very best warriors in the world. Their kingdom was once among the most revered. Once, but no more. Now Gaimos is destroyed. The remnants of its people... More > scattered across every kingdom. Kavan was one of the last sons to be born into Gaimosian society before the fall. Now kingdomless, he does what every good Knight was made for: he roams Malweir in search of the perfect battle. What he finds, in the dead of winter in the kingdom of Aradain, goes beyond any expectation. Werebeasts and agents of evil lurk in the shadows, quickly preparing the land for the return of the dark gods. For Kavan, it will be a struggle just to stay alive. Half the world away, Pirneon, the former Knight Marshal of Gaimos, languishes under petty jobs. His desires for a rebuilt Gaimos conflict with the morality of being a knight. Pirneon will do anything to reclaim his position and the glory of his fallen kingdom. He secretly covets the title by which the rest of Malweir knows them: Vengeance Knights.< Less
A Whisper After Midnight: Book III of the Northern Crusade By Christian Warren Freed
Paperback: $14.99
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The crusade in the northern kingdoms advances at a frightening pace. Armies of Men and Goblins clash on snow barren fields, locked in the brutal struggle for nothing else but survival. One shall... More > stand. One shall fall. King Badron has conquered Rogscroft and claimed the throne for his own but all is not well. His enemies are scattered, divided, but a new effort is underway to sweep Rogscroft clear of all invading armies. Under the influences of the Dae’shan, Harnin methodically transforms Delranan into a kingdom of depravity and murder. His agents pursue the rebellion, driving them all to new acts of violence and desperation. Bahr and his band of heroes departs fabled Venheim in search of the Blud Hamr: the sole weapon capable of halting the dark gods’ aggression for good. The city of Trennaron is far to the south and in order to reach it the heroes must travel through the Dwarf lands of Drimmen Delf where they stumble upon a civil war. Hope fades as the heroes begin to realize how difficult their task is.< Less
Empire of Bones: Book IV of the Northern Crusade By Christian Warren Freed
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Chaos rages across the northern kingdoms. Rogscroft has fallen, sacked by the combined might of the Wolfsreik and Goblin armies. Delranan is consumed with civil war as a small group of rebels seeks... More > to overthrow Harnin One Eye and restore order. The Wolfsreik betrays King Badron, joining with the young King Aurec. Amar Kit’han and the Dae’shan, agents of the dark gods, struggle to achieve their goal of releasing their masters back into Malweir. Their manipulations reach deep across the north. Each death provides the anguish needed to activate the Olagath Stone and open the portal between dimensions. Blinded to the rest of the world, Bahr and his group of reluctant heroes venture south into the Jungles of Brodein. Nestled deep in the jungle lies the mythical city of Trennaron and the Blud Hamr. Exhausted, they are confronted with knowledge beyond any of their comprehension. Armies gather. Brother turns on brother, and the struggle for the very soul of the world continues.< Less
The Madness of Gods and Kings: Book V of the Northern Crusade By Christian Warren Freed
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Blud Hamr in hand, Bahr and his mixed band of warriors begin their long journey home in the hopes of ending the oppression of the dark gods. Unknown to them, events are in motion that will forever... More > change the face of the world. Armies have been assembled and now march on the already beleaguered kingdom of Delranan. Dwarves under King Thord encounter the largest Goblin army ever recorded, an army not even the mighty Dwarven cannons can defeat alone. Elves and Minotaurs join the army of Drimmen Delf as it prepares to head west. Finding and stopping the Goblins is their only task. Across the mountains, Badron returns home and attempts to regain his crown even as the combined armies of Rogscroft, the Pell Darga, and his very own Wolfsreik begin operations to remove Harnin One-Eye from power and end the long war in the north. Watching events unfold from his position in the ruins of Arlevon Gale, Amar Kit’han prepares for the ritual that will unleash the dark gods upon Malweir and bring the world into ruin.< Less

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