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Time: Book 20: The War IV: To End All By Shawn M. Tomlinson
Paperback: $29.95
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He tried not to think about it as a human being, but more as just a general. In the valley: 10 million soldiers, with more arriving regularly. The biggest army in history; weapons from all eras,... More > swords, bows, cannon, Howitzers, tanks. The one break was the snow, not even that bad yet, preventen drones from flying. The bad weather was giving the enemy time to set up, dig in. Except for the vast numbers, though, Edjer’s troops were at the disadvantage. Gen. Zerboli had the advantage. He was up in the mountains looking down at that valley. His weapons could burn the valley to ash; they were about to. His soldiers were relatively safe in their mountain fortresses. They’d have to go out, but millions would be dead before then. That was another thing. No touchy feely humanitarian measures in this war. The guns of the past, the ones that only knocked people out, warped their brains to make them pacifists, those guns were not deployed. This was life or death. Martin would have hated it, Jerry thought.< Less
Time: Book 19: The War III: Abyss By Shawn M. Tomlinson
Paperback: $24.95
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“Edjer has taken the bait and his troops have begun to appear around Edmonton. The city was evacuated some time ago, so he has no one to fight just yet. Gen. Zerboli’s troops still are... More > coming in from all over. “I really think this is it.” “Probably right, Trevor,” Martin said. “There’s something wrong, though. You all know what it is. Thank you for playing along and giving me this wonderful time alive again. It felt so… real. I can’t begin to tell you what it’s meant to me…” The others smiled at him warmly, knowing what this war cost him. Rhionnan kissed him, kept holding his hand as she and the others faded around him. He sat alone for a long moment. He knew there was a lot to go through yet, much of it confusing, all of it — nearly all of it — painful. He wished he could have all the information and memories he did right then when it started in again, but that was too much to hope for. “I may not be strictly alive, but I still have a lot of work to do,” he said aloud. “Time to cowboy up.”< Less
Phenomenal Stories #16, December 2019, Vol. 2, No. 12 By Shawn M. Tomlinson
Paperback: $15.95
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For the December 2019 issue of Phenomenal Stories, we’ve gone all color, so we may print Carole A. Tomlinson’s children’s story, ‘Elephant Dreams.’ This is a bit of a... More > change for us, but the surreal nature of the story and illustrations — also by Carole — fit the “speculative” nature of the magazine. We hope to print another children’s story by Carole, titled ‘The Flying Dog,’ in a future issue. We also continue John W. Campbell Jr.’s space opera, ‘The Ultimate Weapon,’ in this issue and rescue J.D. Hayes-Canell from Narnia. Richard Nilsen takes a retrospective look at his recent writers’ workshop. We continue the only Conan novel — ‘Hour of the Dragon’ — by his creator, Robert E. Howard, and find ourselves further along in the earlySF novel, ‘Girl in the Golden Atom,’ by Ray Cummings. Phenomenal Stories is a tribute to the speculative pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s, such as Weird Tales, Amazing Stories and Astounding Science Fiction. Shawn M. Tomlinson serves as editor.< Less
Phenomenal Novels Magazine #03, November 2019, Vol. 1, No. 3 By Shawn M. Tomlinson
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to the third issue of Phenomenal Novels Magazine. In this issue we’re proud to present the first novel from regular contributor J.D. Hayes-Canell, Wizards Book I: The Red & the... More > Blue. This story originally appeared in eight parts in the pages of Phenomenal Stories. It is a gritty fantasy novel, as if Frodo and Spam walked into Deadwood. Follow the continuing adventures of Korvus and company. Phenomenal Novels Magazine is a sister publication to Phenomenal Stories, Phenomenal Fiction Magazine, Preternatural Tales and Lost Carcosa. It appears bimonthly, and is a tribute to the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s.< Less

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