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The Death of Bruce Lee: A Clinical Investigation By Duncan Alexander McKenzie R.N.
eBook (PDF): $14.99
He was one of the greatest martial artists of all time and reputed to be pound for pound the strongest man on Earth. Then, at the age of 32, he suddenly died. Was it a mysterious death, due to... More > poisoning or the fabled ‘death touch’ of another kung fu practitioner, or was his death due to natural causes? Was he a drug addict? Why was he previously rejected from the US military draft on health grounds? Did Bruce Lee really have a back injury? What really caused his death? This book examines the medical issues surrounding his death and answers these questions. Written by a Registered Nurse this book details the medical issues surrounding Lee and sets the record straight in regards to the distortions and misinformation that has surrounded this extraordinary man and his sudden death. This is indispensable reading for any Bruce Lee fan who is interested in the truth about him, and for anyone interested in forensic medicine and the detailed clinical issues surrounding such deaths.< Less
Mortal Dragon: The Death of Bruce Lee Explained By Duncan Alexander McKenzie R.N.
eBook (ePub): $6.55
He was the Kung Fu Superstar who shot to fame and dazzled us with his martial arts skills, and such was his strength, his fitness and his intensity that he seemed immortal. But all too soon, at the... More > age of only 32 years, he was suddenly dead. Rumours, speculation and innuendo have continued to swirl around the memory of his passing. Was he poisoned? Was he killed by illicit drugs? Was he killed by a mysterious kung fu technique inflicted upon him by a rival? Here, in this book, a Registered Nurse analyses in detail what actually happened to cause his death. His conclusions are fully referenced and researched in a comprehensive and rational analysis. Here, within the these pages, are the real reasons as to why this extraordinary and super-fit man suddenly died.< Less
The Instruments of Heaven By Duncan Alexander McKenzie R.N.
Paperback: $19.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pedro Mendoza was born into extreme poverty. With his family he eked out a living searching through the garbage of the huge Metropolis of Manila. One day however he has a ‘lucky’ find; he... More > stumbles across a beautiful, discarded violin. With this instrument, with his extraordinary dedication and with help from others he is able to escape a life of grinding poverty and find his way to the pinnacle of success and wealth. Everything within our universe is connected, although the connections are not always apparent to us. Here we have the story of how such connections can lead our lives on to the paths of our destiny. And of how heaven sends us sometimes the instruments that we need to realize all that may lie before us. The instruments and the connections are all around us. They shape our fate and our destiny. Here is the inspiring story of how one boy overcame all the odds to achieve fame and fortune. And of how he never forgot his humble beginnings despite his transformation.< Less
The Little Handbook of Understanding Panic and Anxiety Disorder By Duncan Alexander McKenzie R.N.
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Anxiety disorders constitute an enormous mental health problem within society. Sufferers are often misdiagnosed, neglected or when properly diagnosed find that inadequate supports are available.The... More > purpose of this little book is to look at three specific types of anxiety disorder, namely panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and phobia and discuss causes and treatment modalities. The approach is comprehensive and eclectic, and provides for the reader a concise presentation of the most established research in this area of psychiatry.It is hoped that not only the sufferer will find this handbook useful but also the mental health clinician as it documents research findings which provide insights into why anxiety disorders occur and what makes certain individuals predisposed to developing the condition. This is a comprehensive review of anxiety disorder ‘in a nutshell’ and will help the sufferer and their families and friends understand why panic attacks and phobias occur and what can be done about them.< Less

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