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Impeccable Love By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $199.99
It presents profound love poetry concerning the feelings that a husband and wife have for one another: deep, thrilling, and such that only a married mind can understand. The work is unique and... More > exceptional, based on the author’s experience. You will not find it anywhere else.< Less
Poemas Líricos By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $1.11
Este libro tiene poemas del amor, poemas espirituales, poemas para Navidad, quince años y cumpleaños. Hay también varios leyendas. Que Dios bendiga este libro.
On Specific Heat, Pyrolysis, Transponders, Et Alii By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In this e-book, you will learn about quartz and other polymorphs of silicon dioxide. We also study specific heat and pyrolysis. We learn how transponders are used. We shall also learn what ions occur... More > in sea water and what chemical elements are essential to life.< Less
A Peek At the Acme of God’s Creation By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $1.99
God deserves the credit that the title of this article expresses. He not only created the human body, but He certainly must have helped me when I wrote these articles. The explanations are... More > exceptionally lucid, so much so that I myself am amazed as I proofread them. The first section studies a few bones of the body: the bones of the cranium, the bones of the hands and wrist, and the bones of the foot, with a special article on the calcaneus. The second section contains a single article: “A Journey through a Nephron.” The third section studies a few important physiological substances: hormones, lipids, amino acids, and hyaline cartilage. The fourth section studies a few cellular phenomena. The final section contains a single article entitled “A Hypothesis on the Formation of Junk DNA.” Admittedly, I cannot appeal to any authority, either religious or scientific, to support this hypothesis. It is my own brainchild, born of mature reflection. Moreover, it cannot be proved or disproved.< Less

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