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Practical Compassion By Laurie Riley
Paperback: $18.00
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To what degree are we capable of compassion? How can we be actively compassionate without personal sacrifice? Do others deserve our compassion? Can we be truly happy if we ignore the needs of others?... More > What happens when we don’t help? How many people are hidden away behind closed doors, in desperate need of practical help with everyday things they can no longer do for themselves? In this book, the experiences of many "invisible homebound" individuals are told, our innermost feelings around compassion are explored, and realistic paths of practical action are offered.< Less
Who We Are - Exploring the Unlimited Self By Laurie Riley
Paperback: $15.50
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Who are you? Who am I? Those inclined to ask such questions may call ourselves seekers - seekers of spiritual insight, of enlightenment, of something better or bigger or more complete than whoever... More > or wherever we are now. But what exactly are we seeking? It may not be easy to answer this question. How is it possible to define that which we hope to find, if we have not yet attained it? How could we know what it’s like before we get there? And therefore, how can we have any idea of where the path is that leads us there?< Less
Singing the Universe Awake By Laurie Riley
Paperback: $16.00
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Exploring the connection of music to science and spirit, using tangible concepts soundly rooted in science. Fractals, frequency, symbols, Pythagorean concepts, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci series,... More > lissajous figures, Cymatics, the harmonic curve, circle of fifths, and much more.< Less
The Music Ergonomics Textbook By Laurie Riley
Paperback: $20.00
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Music Ergonomics is the study and knowledge of how muscles, bones and nerves are affected by the way we hold and play our musical instruments. These integrated systems are affected by positions and... More > movements specific to musicians, which can be beneficial or injurious depending on individual factors. Discomfort leads to pain, and pain indicates injury. It’s a myth that pain is the price we pay for making music.< Less

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