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Wonders of Divine Blessings By Dr. David Oyedepo
eBook (ePub): $8.99
When a man is divinely blessed, his friends are also blessed, and conversely, his enemies are in trouble because they will be divinely cursed. When a fellow is divinely blessed, it means the... More > blessings are not a result of struggling. Heaven will assist a man or a woman that is divinely blessed by sending what he or she needs in due season. The truth of the matter is that when a person is divinely blessed, both the forces of heaven and earth will combine to assist the fellow. This shows that divine blessings are provoked. You must do something to attract them into your life.< Less
Fundamental Values of the Christian Faith By Dr. David Oyedepo
eBook (ePub): $7.99
After you have been saved by the grace that is in Jesus Christ our Lord, you need to understand the nature of the new life that is in you, so that you can begin to exhibit its character. If you do... More > not understand the fundamentals of the Christian faith and get to know what God expects of you now that you are saved, you will end up becoming a caricature of what you should be in the sight of God. If you will finish well and strong, please don’t trivialize these fundamental values of the Christian faith which you profess.< Less
Ambassadors for Christ By Dr. David Oyedepo
eBook (ePub): $7.99
The Lord’s decision to make us His witnesses is a divine set up for blessings. It is an honour to be a witness of the Sun of Righteousness, because by virtue of this status, the world will see... More > the grace of God upon our lives. When we do all these as witnesses of Jesus, souls shall be rescued from eternal damnation. An ambassador is a worthy representative of a kingdom and its people in general. In particular, he or she represents the head of the realm. We are to speak for our Lord Jesus Christ concerning the work of redemption which He has finished for all mankind. The ambassadors of Christ are expected to do what He did, and even greater works than He did.< Less
Embodiment of Christ By Dr. David Oyedepo
eBook (ePub): $7.99
The Church of God is the embodiment of Christ here on earth and for all eternity. God will continue to inhabit His people, and His people will continue to live in Him and worship His majesty forever... More > .The Church is a body of saints being prepared as the Bride of Christ to be married to Him at His second coming. The Church of God on earth is the representation of His personality and also a meeting place of God and man, created as a means of uniting all people with God and with one another. The manifold wisdom of God, His mysteries, His nature, character and His attributes are revealed through His Church. Among all of God's creatures, He did not find any of them worthy to be His dwelling place. However, He specifically designed and built His Church to be His dwelling place: a place of His rest. God cherishes His Church so much that He showers much care on her, and through her, He spreads Himself across the face of the earth.< Less