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Heavenly Garden By Dustin Humphreys
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Deep in the forest, in a secluded village, whether by chance or fate, two girls one day meet. Asha has trouble interacting with others, always coming across as snobby and selfish despite her best... More > efforts. Rii has no trouble whatsoever making friends, even if she's a bit silly. When they're together, they can't help but bring out the best in one another, and as years pass, they become as close as can be. But when an outside threat looms over their home, they have to make hard choices...and hard sacrifices. Is it worth it, as long as they can stay together?< Less
Heavenly Bloom By Dustin Humphreys
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Deep within the forests of Jarala, there exists a village called Senai, populated solely by members of the mystical race known as the senisari. In Senai, the senisari grow and learn how to use their... More > talents and be the best they can be before setting out into the world. But Rii and Asha would prefer to stay in the village, living their happy, peaceful lives together with their friends. This is the story of two girls growing up and growing close, and of something between them beginning to bloom.< Less
The Blue Rebellion By Dustin Humphreys
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The kingdom of Marcamia reels as a group of rebels tries to resist the unjust rule of a tyrant. Rath, a student of magic in the capital, would just as soon avoid the conflict altogether. However,... More > when his best friend comes to him seeking shelter and aid, he finds himself wrapped up in the war all the same. Meanwhile, a mysterious man calling himself Mask works to enact the will of his master. In the process, he begins to learn things about the world and about himself that make him question everything he believed in. As Rath and Mask fight their battles, another plot begins to unfold behind the scenes, one that could shape the fate of the war and perhaps even the future of the entire world.< Less
Test of Spirit - Apprentices 7 By Dustin Humphreys
eBook (ePub): $4.99
After spending the winter in Relin-Kahl, the master and his apprentices continue their journey to the Marcamian city of Airoward. There, they learn of an organization that's halfway between a school... More > of magic and a church. These espers, as they call themselves, possess powerful abilities, but is it really a gift from their deity or is there a dark secret behind it all? To unravel the mysteries of Airoward, the apprentices will have to employ all the skills they've learned in a true test of spirit. NOTE: This story is part of a series. It's recommended that you confirm the series and its placement in that series, as indicated at the top center of the cover art, before reading.< Less

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