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Wait and See [If I only kept Tabs Personal] By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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A is for Idolater Tyree. I went on with a Baccalaureate degree and matriculation into social thought I thought it were just temporarily mainstream. By the time I had reached my rehearsal year that... More > spring semester of 1990 I had been touched. She was older by a year or more and was taking its place. I hollered father and the presentation offered an hooted command. The post adult youth cultures need to learn how Millionaires apply other less matter-able things. It didn't bother me much though; I was obviously social. I reticently would bounce back again. Learning the ropes as like how to get around made me popular. I were promised not to be sick and like a chided limb I were tarred and threatened. It were since Fat Wednesday we began to seek others of like faith. I agreed it were UN becoming Big Charter buses and plenty of open air made like free as a mockingbird. There weren’t many that smiled keep yourself. But she trusted me and I saw that her working world was a lost.< Less
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If [bad] weren't too By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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She wore black denim jeans and like the fabric of my life I was attracted to her smile. I could only dream of knocking boots and for the second time around I felt better for it. I pushed right up... More > to sin and she was much older. I admired her tone. She spoke easy and I asked if she were an Officer. Not wiser than 40 I laughed with her Party. She ran with a group on Twitter. If you every find love won’t you call. In 1991 I saw her alone. She was attracted to me an profoundly loosed again by my soul. I think actually after becoming adult the Churches reward is Matrimony and harmony. I'm disciplined. I am even assured my personal relationship whether I merry or laugh with me. Like a public personality; I have willfully decided to Departmentalize my faith. The Lord calls me up against my esteem by rewarding me for my faith bearing confidence.< Less
Swoop and Fatherly By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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It were route 66 and the way to the ocean drift. The tunnel vision I contained wasn’t mine but somebodies instead instances. And I wanted to open the door. I sat there in my ICU Hospital... More > window over looking bad weather and skirted. I only wanted to go home. The nurses would make they’re rounds and pushout they’ll pain for a while. I asked myself if it were a man. How could I live and also be so profound. My mind was set on Her and the way of the world also my trial instead meaningless. Is that Dojo what you require me Lord. I prayed I’d be whole. Forgivingly I need others and I don’t know a tree that’s lending. Our family demonstrates excellence but true religion hurts. Indwelling is the code and my vision can’t be interrupted. On the couch that day it were our sunlight to share. He and I could’ve gone south tales and lost but it weren’t no good. I don’t care if he’s sugar man but the warmth in my blood says its innocence. How bout it Maisey. By the time I get to Hainesport you’ll be there.< Less

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