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Now or Never By R. Laurenz
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Trudy has wanted to travel to Luna ever since she was a young girl. Erica’s favorite aunt lives on Luna. But space travel is prohibitively expensive. Now Erica and her brother, Trudy and her... More > sister, have been offered trips to Luna. They do not know that their mothers want them on Luna to keep them safe from a plague that might devastate Terra. However, rumors of a plague are disrupting space travel. What if the plague should reach Luna? And if the plague cuts Luna off from Terra, can Luna survive?< Less
Now or Never By R. Laurenz
Paperback: $12.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
A GMO has been released in central Africa that might cause a devastating pandemic. The nature of the pathogen made it difficult to document its spread before it is out of control. Settlements on Luna... More > would be wiped out if the pathogen should reach Luna. In addition, settlements on Luna and Mars might not be viable if supplies from Terra are cut off. However, a premature embargo on travel to Luna could be equally disruptive. Luna must plan for a pandemic that might never happen. On Terra, Dr. Volkmann, an epidemiologist, is desperately trying to gather the documentation necessary to prevent the GMO from spreading. Luna agrees to offer sanctuary to the children of Dr. Volkmann and the Lunar Ambassador, in exchange for their support in dealing with the effects of the pandemic. The four young people, unaware of the potential pandemic, are surprised to be offered trips to Luna. However, even unverified rumors of a pandemic are causing a disruption to space travel.< Less
Prodromal: Incident In Mbandaka By R. Laurenz
eBook (ePub): $5.99
It is 2052. Space is thriving. There have been settlements on Luna for 30 years, bases on Mars for close to 20 years. There are two large orbital hotels. There are multiple daily launches delivering... More > people and supplies to Low Earth Orbit. There are weekly transits between Terra and Luna. Every two years a Flotilla of cruisers make the transit from Terra to Mars. In 2052 the largest Flotilla to date is launching for Mars. Terra has begun to go into decline. A break-in at a covert microbiology lab in central Africa may have released an experimental pathogen with catastrophic potential. The nature of the pathogen makes it almost impossible to track and control, placing the people of both Terra and Luna at risk. Within this context, Luna faces the need for a transition of leadership to a young Lunar born population untrained in the skills of government; and young people on Terra face the prospect of being permanently exiled to space to ‘save’ them from the potential pandemic.< Less
Kendra By R. Laurenz
Paperback: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Luna is in the midst of launching eight spaceships in support of the Mars settlements. A pandemic may be brewing on Terra that could put everyone in space at risk. The first generation born on the... More > Lunar surface is reaching the age when they should be replacing their parents in the command structure, but there is no mechanism in place to train them or provide for an orderly transfer of power. Kendra is the first Lunar born to achieve a position that puts her in command of Terrans. She has advanced through the ranks of the Space Directorate and is now the Captain of a TerraLuna cruiser. On the Lunar surface between tours of duty, she is informed that she has been selected to be trained for a senior position on the Lunar Executive Committee. Her training will be spread out over two decas with increasing responsibilities… unless the pandemic develops to the point of threatening Luna, at which point she will immediately move into her new position, ready or not.< Less

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